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Goddess Tempest

Broken Toilet 15 - Sixty Nine Shit

Even in the best of dungeons slave’s do forget their manners. As it’s owner it’s my duty to remind it that I am superior to it and that I’m in charge. As I told my slave this morning he will be my restroom again and he must prepare everything for me to shit in his mouth he dropped his shoulders. This kind of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE! He need to be taught a lesson.

For the first time I included my brutal punishment in one of my Broken Toilet video’s. My husband was kind enough to film the scene where I suffocated my slave with a pillow without mercy. With his hands cuffed behind his back and his feet tied down I placed a pillow over his face and sat down with my full weight. His desperate struggle and agony for air after nearly two minutes got me soaking wet. I included a few seconds from his intense suffocation for you.

After that punishment he was very eager to please me and I used the 69 position to shit in his mouth. This position is humiliating for a slave, seeing my vagina but only there to open his mouth to receive my thick and smelly turds as I push them out into his toilet mouth one by one.

Afterwards I gave him the privilege to lick my dirty asshole clean. Shivers of pleasure went all over my perfect body as his tongue licking every nerve ending of my anus and rectum to wash off every revolting shit smear and stain.

He knows his mouth and tongue belongs up my shitty ass! Just another day in the life of my slave whom was born to serve and please me

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