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Goddess Tempest

Lesbian Toilet 2 – Chanelle Swallows Again

It’s Chanelle’s third day and time to push her limits in my training program. I held my shit in for two days (keep in mind Chanelle has literally NO other food source than my ass)

The past 48 hours Chanelle had to watch me eat eight large meals right in front of her. As you can imagine she’s very hungry. Not only for something to eat but for serving me as the very best female toilet.

This is usually the “Final Swallow Exam” slaves endure at the 6th month of my training program. Since Chanelle is only here for five days she’s doing this exam only on her third day (only her second feed)

This video has been filmed from two angles to ensure you see EVERY single one of my EIGHT turds sliding out of my asshole into her open mouth in perfect view!

I had a MASSIVE shit. What do you think? You think Chanelle managed to do it? I have to admit after 16 years of doing this. This girl keep acceding ALL my HIGHEST expectations.

She swallowed EVERYTHING! Also filmed from two angles so you can see she spit nothing out. Bite for bite, chew for chew you’ll see every last bite of my filthy poop disappearing down her throat, you can actually see it happen.

If you like to see the impossible, one woman swallowing such a large load of shit directly from another woman’s asshole look no further than this clip folks! More videos of Channelle’s training coming soon!

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