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Kitty Skatt

First full diaper poop! I came so hard!

Here's a video of my very first deliberate shit in a diaper! I've been holding it in, enjoying how it feels to have all this poo stuck in my colon. The idea of pissing and shitting in a diaper turns me on so much and I'm really excited! The warm piss filling up the soft fabric around my pussy, unable to flow away stuck against my body. The warm thick shit spreading against my buttcheeks and through my asscracks, held with pressure against my body... It drives me crazy with horniness. I piss and I pleasure myself while I talk dirty to you. I feel the huge log stimulating my asshole, starting to poke out. I so enjoy the sensation of being almost unable to hold it in. I cannot stop it anymore and with great moans and grunts I create a huge bulge of shit in my diaper. Oh this makes me SO horny! My pussy is tingling with orgasmic energy as I write this. I show you the big fat turd bulge in my diaper and I knead it with my hand while moaning with pleasure and arousal. Then I just can't help but masturbate to a full orgasm. I cum hard in my filthy diaper fully loaded with shit like the dirty little slut I am. Then I erotically take off my diaper to show you what's inside. I spread my dirty ass for you on hands and feet. I admire how big a dump is in there and I give it a good whiff, reacting to how strong the smell is. Then I present the enormous load in the diaper to you, I love how it is so perfectly shaped by my butt! This video has some lighting issues but way too hot to not upload. I'm putting it up for you with a discount <3

Kitty Skatt

Secret diaper poop&cum no privacy, trying not to moan

So I was staying at my parent's place, where I have literally no privacy. I sleep in the attic without a wall closing off my space, just a curtain. So everyone can hear everything and can just walk in without knocking. I woke up incredibly horny though and needed to shit really bad too. I already put on my diaper preventatively. The sensations of my poop filled colon just made me more uncontrollably horny. Even though I had no privacy I REALLY wanted to masturbate and poop in my diaper. I cannot control myself at all and start pleasuring my pussy. I writhe and squirm with pleasure, trying not to make any sound. That's challenging when it just feels sooo good! With my other hand I massage my butthole through my diaper. I suppress my orgasmic moans cause I would just feel WAY too embarrassed if my family caught me like this. My arousal builds and approaches a full orgasm as I feel the big dense poo so pleasurably stimulating my colon and pushing against my butthole. I can't hold it in anymore and my diaper visibly fills up with a huge load of thick warm shit. This arouses me so much that I cum hard in my overfull dirty diaper, restraining myself from moaning too loud. It was so pleasurable I lost myself in it, hopefully nobody heard it... Then I take off my diaper for you, first showing you my sexy big ass, hot feminine labia and very poopy butthole. I let out a very smelly fart as well. Then I show you what's inside of the diaper, WOW that is a lot! And what an amazing mixed consistency, totally clumpy and constipated on one side, totally soft on the other side. It's wonderful. Then I take a few big whiffs and you hear me react to the smell with as little sound as possible. I treat you to an extreme close up of the shit-filled diaper. I say goodbye with a close up of my pretty cute face and I make a gesture to let this be our little dirty secret.

Kitty Skatt

This huge diaper shit got really messy

I'm home alone and I immediately grabbed this chance to crawl around naked in my diaper. I tell you how I've been such a dirty girl. And that I seem to be growing a bit of a diaper addiction. They make me so incredibly horny! And I feel a REALLY big load coming on. I seduce you with my hot body as I massage my butthole through my diaper. I feel the urgency to shit so strong, I get off on the stimulation to my anus it gives me. I tease myself by massaging my butthole open as I clench it close to hold my thick stinky poo in longer. My big ass looks so hot in the diaper and I know it turns you on, which turns me on so much. I masturbate and moan as you watch me from behind. Then I can impossibly hold it in longer and the enormous load of thick creamy shit visibly starts bursting out of my ass. The diaper is so full that the shit is showing at my leg holes. I tell you how I feel the poop spread everywhere over my ass and pussy too and how much I enjoy these sensations. I knead the thick warm load in my diaper as I moan with arousal. Then I show you what a mess I made on my ass, pussy and diaper. I show you the extremely feel diaper, I smell it with some really deep whiffs and I react to how strong the smell is. It's a gift for you, we can play with it together! Then I realize I had an accident, my thick sticky shit has landed in bed and on my knee! Oh no, this is where I sleep! Whoopsie. Oh well, that just goes to show what a dirty girl I can be. :3


HARD ABDL (PUKE / F MACHINE) : The craziest ABDL experience with caviar, piss and puke of my life ! (SCAT / PISS / DIAPERS / GAG / SMELLING / ANAL / ATM)

I have incontinence, so my doctor advises me to wear diapers. Skeptical, I will be on the reserve then I will end up trusting him and testing it in front of him.

I lay a huge turd and piss in my diaper, then I look at what's inside by dipping my hand, and I spread it on the diaper. I then take it off to show off my brown ass and content. I smell it intensely…

Excited, I show my breasts to my doctor, spread shit around my nipples, and draw a heart between my breasts. I ask my doctor to pinch the nipples. This will only be the beginning of the display, because I will end up completely covered in shit…

I then spread shit on my face using the diaper directly, then I continue to spread it everywhere, face, body, hair until I put as much as possible.

My doctor puts a gag on me with a big red bitch mouth, then inserts shit in my mouth to chew it, and play with my hand in my mouth… Then, with the gag and my mouth full of shit, I make myself puke many times, and several times also in the diaper, before putting it on my head with the rest of the shit and the puke inside.

I then spread shit on the rest of my body (legs, ass), always present gag, which I will keep until the end, while my doctor (fuck machine) fucks my ass in several positions, the diaper still on my head. I'm going to piss while my anus gets fucked.

I end up puking several times, you can clearly see the puke filling up in my big red plastic mouth, it's so exciting…

Kitty Skatt
Kitty Skatt

Diaper poop on the job while talking dirty to you

This is what an average work day looks like for me. I'm sitting comfortably and naked on the couch in my diaper, writing descriptions for my sexy videos while being super horny. My hot feminine body looks amazing and my sexy soft soles are in full view close to you. The urgency to poop is strong, the feeling of which makes me even more horny. You see me typing a description for my previous super hot diaper video. Then I notice you and start talking dirty to you. I tell you how aroused I am and how badly I need to shit. You see me struggle to hold in my enormous poop load. Several times I need to press my anus shut with my hand to avoid all the shit bursting out. I want to keep it in cause I so enjoy the sensations of the poop intensely stimulating my colon. Eventually I cannot hold it anymore and you see my diaper fill up with a big load of thick shit. Oohhh that feels amazing! I don't clean myself, instead I just keep on working while enjoying the feeling of my diaper being completely filled up with this big warm dump. I finish my description, then I ask if I should show you what's inside. I crawl to the floor (my previous video taught me to not take off my diaper on a couch or in bed, haha) and take off my diaper for you. I show you my dirty poopy butthole and my shit-filled diaper. I take a few big whiffs, it smells amazing! I enjoy it so much. I wish you were here to smell it with me and to play with me. This dirty diaper is a gift from me to you, you can do with it whatever you like!

Kitty Skatt

Diaper multi-orgasm choco poop feast

Yayyy it's my birthdayyy!!! The perfect day to share this orgasmic feast of pleasure through all the senses.

It feels so warm and comfortable in my cute espeon onesie, munching on my favorite gas-forming poop-bulking chocolate, enjoying the intense sensations of desperately needing to shit and piss, wearing a comfy soft diaper, being incredibly horny and playing with my favourite vibrator sex toy!

I am having mouthgasms as I moan with pleasure from the amazing taste of the chocolate. I stroke my pussy through layers of fabric. It's amazing to masturbate while eating amazing foods. I love to completely submerge myself in all forms of pleasure! I open up my onesie to reveal my diaper. I tell you how badly I need to shit and piss, how good that feels and how amazing it is to eat the chocolate and masturbate at the same time. You see me squirm and moan in orgasmic pleasure as I stimulate myself more and add the vibrator. I devour an enormous amount of this special chocolate that makes me poop and fart so much. I moan and squirm as I masturbate with my vibrator, with the taste of my tongue and with the sensations in my anus of the enormous amount of shit in there. I massage my anus through my diaper. I take my time and enjoy every moment of it thoroughly. As I pleasure myself I piss myself and then completely shit myself. It arouses me so much and I build to a powerful toe-curling orgasm as I shake and moan with pleasure. I rest for a bit in my dirty diaper and notice I'm still so incredibly horny that I feel like continuing. So I continue pleasuring myself, quickly bringing myself to another powerful delicious orgasm! Literally destroying my diaper in the process with my vibrator and my hands, lol. After landing from cumming so hard twice, I show you what's inside the diaper. A huge messy pile of warm smelly shit, it's so hot! I try to put my dirty diaper back on and I half-succeed. I cutely smile, clearly completely satisfied and I kiss you goodbye as the clip fades out.

Kitty Skatt

ASMR Messy Diaper Edge and Cum

We are finally home alone, safely in my room with the door locked... I've been so horny all day looking forward to this moment! I've been holding my pee and poo so long and I have already been wetting my diaper with my fragrant pussy juice. I talk dirty to you while masturbating and encourage you to jerk off as well. You hear me moan and breathe so intimately close. I desperately need to pee, it's almost impossible to hold at this point. I tell you I'm so scared that the diaper maybe won't be able to hold it. I'm too horny to stop it though, so I pee myself completely. The diaper fills up very rapidly and then it starts flowing out onto my bed. Oops! I'm too horny to do something about it, it actually turns me on even more that I wet my bed. I continue masurbating and moaning and I pee even more. I'm uncontrollably aroused as I feel a super thick mass of shit deliciously stimulating my anus from within. The diaper is overflowing with piss and it may not be able to hold my massive shit. I'm so horny though so I masturbate more as I take a HUGE poo in my diaper! The diaper is bulging enormously now and I show it to you from different angles. Now I really want to cum. I bring myself quickly to the edge of orgasm and decide to halt, to tease myself by edging three times in my dirty diaper before I allow myself to cum HARD. After stopping on the edge of orgasm a couple times, it's time for my orgasm. I rub my dirty diaper in my clit and like this I launch into a super intense toe-curling orgasm. This is HEAVEN! I take some moments to land and then take off my dirty diaper for you, showing you my sexy dirty ass and then the insides of the diaper. A really big thick load of poop is inside of it, shaped by my fat ass. As I show it to you I almost drop the fat shit to the floor. Then I give the diaper to you as a present. This was so much fun, please cum over again soon! <3