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Kamma LaVey (Lilith)
Kamma LaVey (Lilith)
Kamma LaVey (Lilith)

Findom Draining Game for toiletslaves by Mistress Kamma

You're a toiletslave that constantly craves to eat (or maybe you're an aspiring one!). So let's it cement even more with a game. You'll be playing a game of getting drained by Mistress and sending tributes during it so Mistress can know what you're up to slave. You desire to be drained for what you're worth because you know you're pathetic, but you love finding your new worth as my toilet.

You're willing to give up everything to become that toiletslave of your dreams; learning and training yourself at my merciless words to turn you into a real submissive toiletslave.

Mistress wants to sit back and relax while you watch this video. You are to have your phone nearby as well as a big load of shit next to you (your's...or better yet Mistress' that you had gotten in). Be ready to $end and be nasty. With headphones on you sit back and relax and get fucked by Mistress' words. I tease you with my ass and sexy voice. I'm bringing you down and down you can't resist. You need to tribute and in this draining session you're gonna give it up as you continue down this spiral. The more deep you go for me, the more good you feel. And you want that don't you my slave? To be mine and to enjoy chocolate?

So you will get drained and in this game you will be sending tributes during stages of this game and training video. I give you detailed instructions on what to do and how to play with the load of shit you'll have by you. You're going to enjoy it for me.

Mistress is sitting on a couch with a load by her and looking at you directly while giving you instructions while wearing a black wetlook outfit with teal and black hair.

As you send tributes while watching this video and practicing along to it, it will notify me wherever I'm at. And I'll smile knowing that another toiletslave of mine is enjoying my training video; I'll smile more knowing they are eating and enjoying these pleasures that Mistress gets you into.

So take the plunge and start $ending bitch! ;]

Kamma LaVey (Lilith)

Kamma's Hardcore Instructions: ThroatFucking and Shit Eating JOI

Kamma wears a very sexy catsuit while in full Mistress mode in this video. With music in the background, looking at you in your eyes, she commands you to become her total submissive bitch and she�¢ï¿½ï¿½s not going to show you any mercy!�¢ï¿½�¨An underneath angle shows in great details her sexy ass taking a big shit and she makes you it all up.

Then she plays with her big cock and uses a mouth fleshlight. Telling you in graphic detail how she�¢ï¿½ï¿½s going to SHIT THROATFUCK you with her big cock, taking you strong until you puke up all the shit!�¢ï¿½�¨There�¢ï¿½ï¿½s a great angle where she puts you on your back and you can really see some truly delicious shots of her cock and ass from underneath.�¢ï¿½�¨The video ends with a big cumshot all over her scat load too! Not to be missed!

Kamma LaVey (Lilith)

Party Slut Toiletslave Exploitation Roleplay by Mistress Kamma

This was from a custom video for a special slave, you know who you are.

In this video, I make the viewer know they're in for a special night of debauchery. I put you in pov and start you off by telling you how I'm taking you to the fetish club tonight. I 'wet' your appetite literally by putting on your knees and pissing down your bitch throat to start. You love how that tastes you down you nasty boy huh? That huge cock feeds you whenever I want to you're my property and you're gonna be a toilet at the fetish club for all my friends there. Now get dressed you fucking toilet, it's time to go...

In the next scene there's a pov scene where the camera is looking up from underneath a toiletseat. The lights in the room are dark and flashing different colours and you can hear the crowd's voices in the background. It feels like you are there from watching it in this roleplay!

I open up the seat and tell you I'm bringing over some friends. I then close the seat on you again.

When I come back I have multiple cocks with me from friends. Guys, transes , whatever you're just a bitch down there and you'll please any I give you. We pull your head up and they start face fucking your open mouth through top of toilet seat haha. You're a nasty bitch, keep sucking them bitch boy. I bring over my dominatrix friend and she fucks your mouth with a big horse dildo too.

You're so worn out but there's more cocks coming. You get facefucked by bbc next. Then I slam toiletseat on you.

The best is yet to come.. I pull up the seat, you're strapped down below. I sit down. Open your mouth, you know what's coming next you shit eating party slut!