Do you ever see that cute red-head walking down the street and ask yourself..."I wonder if that girl is freaky in bed?" The answer is YES. I might be little, cute, and appear innocent...but I am a NASTY GIRL. I love everything extreme. Vomit, pee, poo, pain, role-play...come and see how nasty this cute little girl can be!


Colombiana Skincare

I bet you wonder exactly how I keep my skin so beautiful. Let me tell you�being a beautiful girl is hard work! First you have to be in the mood. Thank God for my Lush and my friends who love to control it. Every good beauty routine should start with a wet pussy. The next phase of a good skincare routine is making sure your skin is tender and that the circular flow is great... that�s why you have to slap yourself like a worthless little piece of shit. It really makes the liquids flow and gets your skin ready. Sure�it�s really painful to slap yourself like a little bitch�but beauty always comes at a cost, right? Next phase is to get a little lubrication on your skin and, thankfully, my stomach is full of juice. So it�s easy enough to gag a little�just enough to get some stomach juice flowing. The final step is the most important part�don�t let your wife or girlfriend skip this step. You need to fuck your ass deep�and pull out every tiny bit of shit that is hiding inside. And then you have to forget that you�re human and massage that shit over every inch of your body. Sure�it makes you look like a whore but it�s really so great for your skin and complexion. Cleanup can be a little messy but I find the best way is to lick the extra shit off your dildo and spit it onto your tits. Remember, if you get hungry and need a snack, just take any extra shit that you have and suck on it like it�s your favorite candy. While you let the slimy shit dry on your skin�it�s always best to relax a bit and make sure you cum.


Dress for Success

En Español! This video is in Spanish. They say you should dress for the job you want. Well�I want to be a shit-loving little slut so that�s how I dress! This creation is a mixture of pain and poo with just a dash of vomit sprinkled in for good measure. You can�t imagine how painful the nipple clamps are. OMG! But the pain vanishes as soon as I start playing with my ass. If there was an ass-fisting Olympics, I�m sure I would be a gold-medalist. For such a tiny girl, I really can fuck my ass like a professional!

Dicen que deberías vestirte para el trabajo que quieres. Bueno... ¡Quiero ser una putilla amante de la mierda, así es como me visto! Esta creación es una mezcla de dolor y caca con solo un toque de vómito espolvoreado en buena medida. No te puedes imaginar lo dolorosas que son las abrazaderas de los pezones. ¡Dios mío! Pero el dolor desaparece tan pronto como empiezo a jugar con mi culo. Si hubiera unas Olimpiadas de puño trasero, estoy seguro de que sería un medallista de oro. ¡Para una chica tan pequeña, realmente puedo follarme el culo como un profesional!


Elegant but Filthy

Here is another 50 minute video for your jerking pleasure! I�m sure you have injured your cock already by masturbating to my disgusting videos. You filthy fucking pig! This video has all the best parts of me. I�m even on my period when I made this show. But you can see that I�m dressed very elegantly�but my master absolutely destroys me. Things start gently�but as soon as he has me start fucking my ass�it gets crazy! I reach in deep with my hand to pull out all the shit that is hiding inside. Then I try something new�I put the shit back inside my ass and fuck it hard. It�s super messy. �And what do you think happens next? A yummy milk enema�which I promptly mix with my piss and drink. I have an iron stomach�can your wife or girlfriend do this? NO WAY! But what goes in, must come out�so I fuck my throat until my stomach explodes with the shit, piss, and milk that I�ve put inside me.


La Esclava Obediente

En Español! This movie is over 1 hour long and I�m speaking in Spanish! Do you ever dream of having a masked slave to use for your filthy fun? Well�here I am! Do you like my sexy slave mask? This video is with a Spanish-speaking master so the audio is in Spanish. I�m playing all your favorite games�fucking and stretching my sweet little holes until I extract every piece of shit hiding in my body. I suck it like candy and smear it all over my body while fucking my tight little pussy. Your cock will be exploding before you hit the 15 minute mark.

Esta película dura más de 1 hora! ¿Alguna vez has soñado con tener un esclavo enmascarado para usar en tu sucia diversión? Bueno... ¡aquí estoy! ¿Te gusta mi máscara de esclavo sexy? Este vídeo es con un maestro de habla hispana, por lo que el audio está en español. Estoy jugando a todos tus juegos favoritos... jodiendo y estirando mis pequeños agujeros dulces hasta que extraigo cada pedazo de mierda que se esconde en mi cuerpo. Lo chupo como dulces y lo unto por todo mi cuerpo mientras me follo mi pequeño coño apretado. Tu polla explotará antes de que llegues a la marca de 15 minutos.


Poo Sack Game - Attempt #1

Filmed and encoded in 1080p at 60fps! Guaranteed to make your cock explode with sticky nut-butter! ��

Have you even imagined being smothered and suffocated in your own shit? Well�that�s exactly what I did in this video. It�s called the Poo Sack Game and I think this would make a great TikTok challenge. LOL OMG the smell is intense! With every breath, my lungs would fill with the sweet aroma of my fresh scat. As I pushed it around my face, it covered my tongue and filled my nose. I could barely see when I was done because my face was covered in so much shit. �����

Little known fact�shit is great for your skin. That�s why I have such amazingly beautiful skin�I regularly cover my body with my own shit. You should try it sometime!


Shit Milkshake and Vomit

This isn't a video! this is a full-length, feature film; more than 80 minutes long! And it has all of your favorite things with no limits. Do you like watching adorable red-heads innocently poop in the toilet? Do you want to see me eat my shit directly from the toilet? Or maybe you are interested in watching me make an almond milk and shit milkshake and fill my stomach with it? Or maybe your are more of a piss and vomit lover? Watch me drink my hot piss and then puke that piss/shit milkshake. It's a super powerful vomit and even comes out my nose. SUPER sexy! A little shit gets stuck in my nose but it's just a normal hazard when you're a super filthy girl like me! What games should we play next? Oh? how about a hot, piss enema? Watch as I fill my ass with hot piss and then push out the last little pieces of shit stuck in my cute ass. There might be a few juicy farts. LOL! Close-up dildo ass fucking and gaping? Included! Ass fisting? Of course I fist my ass! I'm a good girl and I know how to destroy my asshole to make Daddy happy! Things get very messy as that piss enema and shit drip out of my ass. And, if you know me at all, you know that I never waste *anything*. So I finished drinking my piss and then I drank and recycled some of that warm, thick shit-vomit. The 2nd and 3rd vomits are always so strong! As a final act of self-humiliation, I gave myself a sticky shower of almond milk, piss, shit and stomach butter. Do you think I'm more beautiful when I'm covered in piss, shit and vomit?


Your Dream Date

Just imagine�you�ve matched with some cute girl on Tinder and you�re hoping to get lucky. Much to your surprise�she�s a very naughty girl. You arrive at her apartment to find her with her tits bound and using an enema to fill her ass with milk. She wants to show you the proper way a first date should start�by squirting milk and shit out of your ass! It�s like an appetizer for the date�Leche de Culo! Hopefully you don�t mind that I accidentally pissed on my face and hair. Oops! Then she uses her dildo to pull out the chunky bits of shit that she hopes you will love. Watch as I lovingly fuck my ass and let that milky shit run down my legs for you to enjoy. You love tongue-cleaning my asshole on our first date? For the second meal�let me fuck my throat and give you some yummy stomach butter. My vomit is the BEST and I know you�ll love it. Imagine your cock shoved deep in my throat with my beautiful green eyes looking up at your and begging for mercy. But because you are cruel�you flip me over on my back and make me puke on my beautiful face and hair. NAUGHTY BOY! OMG it�s in my eye and I can�t even see now! I promise it will be the best 1st date you ever had!


Gift Box - Butt Smoothie

Are you curious what it takes to create a custom butt-smoothie? Here�¢ï¿½ï¿½s your chance to find out! Like all my new content, it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s filmed in 1080p @ 60fps! Watch me as I shove some sweet cherries deep inside my ass and then fill it with almond milk. After letting it marinate for a few minutes, I push it back out. You can see the cherries, milk and shit squeeze from my perfect little asshole. I know there�¢ï¿½ï¿½s still a lot of running almond milk and shit stuck inside my ass so I tease it out with my dildo. As I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m sitting in my own pile of enema-shit, I complete the preparation of the butt-smoothie�¢ï¿½�¦making sure to put in all the cherries and a nice little turd.


School Day Disaster

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. Another day of school and another disaster. And it was with my new school uniform! It starts out like every school day�making sure my makeup and hair are just perfect�I always want to make sure my teachers notice me! But just as I�m about to leave�I accidentally pissed in my pantyhose. Ok�let�s be honest�I WANTED to do it. The pantyhose were brand new and so silky�and I love the feeling of warm piss flowing down my legs. I think I might have ruined my new shoes too. For sure, I know I�m going to be late so I just decide to have a fun morning making a mess of myself in my school outfit. When you shit in your pantyhose�it�s so squishy and warm! You have to try it sometime. Me and the other girls at school talk about it all the time�totally normal girl-talk. Watch me paint my body, face and uniform with my warm shit. The only thing better than covering myself with shit is taking my shitty fingers and shoving them down my throat until my breakfast explodes from my stomach. Daddy always told me�if you are going to do something�do your best. And I know Daddy loves me messy. What can I say? I�m just a cute, innocent girl who loves to be filthy. Want to join me and have some fun?


Rolling On My Mess For Daddy

It doesn't happen often but Daddy is on vacation and at home today. He's been waiting for me to come home from school. He is in a great mood and I know he wants to play some fun games. But Daddy is also jealous and noticed that I didn't wear a bra to school today. We both know that I do that to tease the boys but I didn't know Daddy would be home and waiting for me. He was already horny because he was watching some of our homemade porn and the porn of some other dirty girls that we both like. Daddy is always kind to me but also can be very strong. He asks me to stand and says that he loves how my hair reflects on the shiny floor. But he says that I would look much better naked. I'll do *anything* to make my Daddy happy. After I am naked, he asks me to make a huge mess on the floor. So I do my best to push a big pile of shit out of my ass. I rub it on my face and body until my skin is all brown and beautiful. I even paint my beautiful hair and make it brown. To make the messy pile bigger, I add some milk-vomit to it and also some piss. And being a good little piggy, I roll around in my shit-vomit-piss mud until I am extremely dirty. Daddy says he loves me more when I am like this and tells me how much he wants to fuck all my little holes. I give him a shitty kiss before sucking his cock. I know Daddy will give me his milk but, secretly, I hope Daddy shits on my face today. I love Daddy's shit. It's so strong and I know he shares those video moments with his friends to make them horny.


Playing With Daddy After School

I consider myself a very normal girl. Like most girls, when I was younger, I was always taking selfies of myself and sharing them on social media. I would be flirty, always focusing on my long, red hair and big, green eyes. My favorite was to take pouty photos wearing a little crop top, show so much skin. My hair would fall over my tits and I would make a sad face with my big, sad eyes. I got lots of attention with these photos. My friends would always make comments on how hot and sexy I am.

Not too long after I started posting those photos, I noticed that my tits were really starting to grow fast. Some of the girls in school were being a little more risque with their photos and I did the same. I would take topless photos and cover my nipples with my hands. I never posted these photos but it was exciting to make them. I would search the internet for new ideas and found videos of girls filming themselves doing all kinds of different and dirty games using their shit, pee and vomit. I decided to try it and it made me so fucking horny.

But there was a small problem, I forgot to completely delete the videos I had made and I also forgot to erase my internet browsing history. My Daddy found my deleted videos and my search history. He asked me if I like being a filthy little whore and I made my pouty face and told the truth. I told him that, yes, I loved being a dirty slut. So, we agreed that we would play dirty games together every Friday. Watch me play with my shit, piss and vomit for my fetish Daddy!


Unethical Hot Interview

Please note that this video does not have sound.

Girls, the next time you interview for a job, I recommend you follow these guidelines:

1. Dress very slutty.

2. When you greet the recruiter, shake his hand, but also kiss him and immediately squeeze his cock through his pants.

3. Look him directly in the eyes and be direct���¢�¯�¿�½���¦tell him that you need him to fuck your ass. Direct communication during an interview is the key to success!

4. Drop to your knees and release his cock. Lick the pre-cum from the head and then deepthroat his cock until you are gagging and crying. Don't worry about your makeup.

5. After his cock is dripping with your thick spit, pull him to the ground and stick your ass high in the air. Point directly at your asshole so he is clear which hole he needs to fuck.

6. While he fucks your ass, push hard so that his cock is covered in your delicious shit.

7. Demonstrate your commitment to the job by sucking and licking his shit-covered cock.

8. Take any extra shit that you have and smear it all over your body and eat it.

9. For bonus points during the interview, have him fuck your face again until you puke. Save the puke for cleaning his cock, cleaning your hair and face and for a post-interview snack. You're going to be hungry!

Girls, I promise that if you follow these simple 9 guidelines that you'll win the job and a nice salary. Plus, you'll make a new fuck-friend at work!


Organic Skin Care

After a long day, girls like to be pampered. They like to have their feet pampered and to have their skin moisturized. So, I thought I would take time to show you my all-organic skincare routine. Using just some fruits and the natural, fragrant gifts from my own body (yummy shit, piss, and vomit), I keep my skin absolutely glowing. All the other girls at school are so jealous of me!

Watch me suck my smelly toes and lick my sweaty armpits to get them so clean. Did you know that piss is a natural moisturizer and deodorant? It's great for your smelly shoes *and* for keeping your skin moist. Next, I use a combination of watermelon, oranges, bananas, strawberries and grapes on my body. Those juices are so sweet and sticky. Many people skip this next step but it's so important. You need to slap your skin to increase the circulation so that the juices can really soak into your skin.

Most people forget that you also need to take care of the inside as well as the outside. Real beauty comes from within, right? That's why I always take the extra time to purge anything from my stomach and my ass. All of that organic material is great for the skin so I massage my stomach-butter and scat all over my perfect little body.

Just follow these simple steps for beautiful, healthy skin. One final step for all those Daddies and Masters who enjoy watching their nasty, ginger girl, make sure you lube and stroke that cock until you explode with some delicious baby-juice. Remember, it's all organic so you can either use it to moisturize your face or you can eat it. I promise, it tastes *delicious*!


Art Class Presentation

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I'm a college student. This semester, I took an Art Appreciation course and it was one of my favorite classes!

Sometimes we have class projects, like drawing with colored pencils or pastels. But for the final project, my professor said that we should choose some interactive form of art. Being a Scat Professional, I decided that my final project would include my favorite elements: shit, vomit and my body. I asked if I could schedule my final project to be alone, during his office hours and he agreed.

I let my inner-artist shine on this project. I walked into his office wearing a beautiful new set of red lingerie. He was shocked but also had an evil grin. I explain that my porcelain-white body is going to be the canvas, but I need something to paint with. Luckily, I have a nearly endless supply of brown shit that I can pull from my ass! After fucking my gaping ass with my toy, I painted my beautiful body while my professor watched. His office is filled with the stench of my aromatic "paint". He is *very* impressed. Normally he advises to not eat the paint but because my paint is organic, he said that it's okay. I find it's best to start every project with a little snack, right?

Now that my ass is completely empty and almost every inch of my skin is covered with brown shit, it's time to fuck my throat and see what surprise is hiding in my stomach. It's a slightly lighter color of brown that compliments my original brown very nicely. But it smells delicious. I love burying my face in my bowl of puke-paint. I've noticed that my professor must like my project because his cock is clearly in his hand and he's stroking it so fast that I'm sure he's about to explode. I am sure he has fantasized about me often! I always dress a little slutty when I go to his class.

He complimented me on my presentation and I stopped the recording so that he could give me a grade. Just as I stopped the recording, he left his chair and delivered the most amazing, thick load of cum on my face. That white, sticky goo splattered into my eyes and hair, but most of it found it's way down my willing throat.

The professor said he would need to keep the video and review it before giving me a final grade. I did end up with the highest mark but the professor said that I would need to visit him once a week if I wanted to maintain the grade. I wonder what he has in mind for me? Do you think he is going to blackmail me? Secretly, I hope he fucks my ass and makes me clean his shit-covered cock until his cum explodes on my tongue. I want to savor that delicious flavor again!


Disgusting Shit Eating Maid

I love when Master asks me to dress as his maid and come clean his room. Because I know what he *really* wants is for me to be a disgusting, filthy little shit slave. It's my favorite game!!

Eating shit is one of the true pleasures of my life. When I put it in my mouth, it melts like a fine chocolate. It is so soft and squishy when I move it around with my tongue and when I chew on it. My natural juices fill my mouth and *OMG* it makes me so horny.

I am often asked what my shit tastes like. And the answer it depends on what I ate the day before. If I have eaten something savory, the shit can taste very strong. It fills my mouth and nose with such a strong scent. If I've had something to drink, like a cocktail, it can be a little sour but it's still very yummy. If I've been a good girl and had some candy my shit tastes sweet and that's my favorite! Sometimes it gets stuck between my teeth and I get to enjoy the flavor for longer. Yum!

After I'm done fucking and stretching my ass and eating my delicious shit and smearing it all over my delicate body there are only 2 things that could make it any better. The first is to pull that shitty-chocolate mixture out of my stomach by puking and letting it explode from my face. And what a brilliant idea and l use my shit-vomit like shampoo! And no show is complete without me rolling around in my poo, piss and puke. We definitely need a maid to help clean up this biohazard mess that I have made!

But, before I leave, can you please do me one favor? Come fill my mouth with your delicious cum. Give me all of your Master-milk. Drain your balls into my filthy, shitty mouth and let me enjoy that amazing treat. Thank you, Master!.


Nurse Cris - Training Day

I am here for her first day of nurse training. I hope I can perform to my employer�s expectation. The job description was not very detailed. They just said that I needed to be cute and open-minded. They also said that the candidates need to be strong because nurses have to be able to handle lots of body fluids and waste when caring for patients.

Can you believe the first thing they wanted me to do was to fuck my ass and taste my shit. OMG! They asked me to shit in a bowl and to see how far my hand could fit into my ass. I really want this nursing job so I gave it 110%! I thought I would absolutely win this job but they said my training wasn�t finished. They told me to really earn the position, I needed to show how creative I could be with my hot shit. I saw that the trainer was already jerking his cock so I am not sure that this was an official training requirement. I think he was just horny. But I always want to impress so I painted my face and then ate the BIGGEST piece of shit. It was delicious. They don�t know that I love eating my shit. They think this is a test and, for me, it�s just fun! To ensure that the position is mine, I decided to show off more of my talents by covering my body in milk vomit and burying my face in the bowl of vomit. I even showed them how I can fuck my sweet, pink hole while I am filthy and still in uniform! The trainer told me that I am definitely capable of handling any patient situation but, just to make sure, he asked me to lick the cum off the end of his cock. Again, I�m not sure that�s part of the official training but his cum sure tasted amazing!


Dirty Dining With Cris

Have you ever wanted to share a dirty, delicious meal with your favorite ginger coprophile? Everyone knows how much I love to eat shit because I�m a nasty bitch�but I know that you love it too. Let�s share some of my creamy, hot shit. I have been preparing it for 2 days. It�s been cooking deep inside my ass�waiting for you to share with me. Watch me fuck my ass while I pull out my shit for you. I know you like when I am extra nasty so I paint my face like a good bitch. I know you are jerking and thinking about licking my shit from my face. I love licking my fingers and tasting that rich shit. But I think we both deserve a full bite. It�s so yummy when I stuff my mouth completely with my hot butt fudge. I love the feeling it makes when I chew it and it squishes between my teeth. Do you want a bite? You want to share with me? What�s better than eating the shit from a beautiful girl? Watching her puke it out and prepare the second meal! I love gagging for you while my vomit and shit pour from my little face. Does Daddy want to share a second meal with me? Do you think I am cute when I destroy my hair and body with a shit-vomit shower? I smell divine! My stomach juice is so slick�it makes great lube. Let me jerk your thick man-meat with my slick shit-vomit. I even prepared a special surprise for dessert! Let�s just say that it�s red and it only comes once each month. Extra nasty and extra delicious. I made this meal to share; will you share it with me Daddy?


Games With My Shit Pig

Are you a dirty, little, shit pig? Have you ever dreamed about having some mutual playtime with your favorite ginger girl? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect video for you. In the first part of this video: I am the slave. I use and abuse my body in all your favorite ways. Watch me take push my shit out and make my body nasty for you! Fucking and fisting my ass to pull out every little piece of shit? YES! Licking my shitty dildo? OF COURSE! Face, hair and body painting with my shit? YES! Eating my smelly shit like it's candy? ABSOLUTELY YES! Fucking my throat until it explodes with milk and shit? 100% YES! It's such a strong smell and taste when it comes out the first time. Of course, being an obedient slave, I eat my milky shit vomit. If you've never eaten your own shit vomit, I highly recommend you try it. It's an acquired but delicious taste. But the show is not over, there's more! My master makes me destroy my shoes by puking a second time. You can see cute little pieces of shit on top of my sneakers. You know that it's a dirty playtime when your master commands you to take a shower with your own, fresh shit vomit. I roll in it like a little pig, lick my shit-covered show and then crawl around like the shitty little pig that I am!

In the second part of this vide: we switch roles. How exciting! I love being dominant with my yummy coprophile friends. Listen to me give my shit pig slave his instructions on what to do with his shit. Imagine sitting in front of me while I tell you to push out your shit, fuck your ass and smear it all over your body. YUM! Listen to me give instructions to my slave on how to eat his shit while he jerks his cock. If you're a good boy, you can cum too! Come and be my little shit slave-- we will have lots of fun!


Dirty Games With My Master

How does a hardworking college girl spend her afternoons? By submitting to her Master, obviously! My Master had planned some delicious games for me and I had been saving my shit all day! So I rush home and changed out of my school clothes and into something sexy. I wore my pigtails to school today and I know Master loves them so I kept them. He was already waiting for me. We played the most delicious games. We started with some gagging and spit. I can make an endless amount of spit. He says that he loves my sad eyes when I am gagging. Do you like them too? We also played with a toothbrush in my ass. It was new for me and has an incredible sensation! But Master really loves to see me stretch out my ass and fuck it deep�so we continued with my favorite dildo. He loves to watch how my ass absolutely eats that toy. OMG I am already so messy�but he always wants to take things to the next level. So I use my dental spreader and brush my teeth using that delicious, hot shit that I just pushed from my ass. The taste is so strong! He also loves when I paint my beautiful, porcelain skin with my sticky shit. And I�m an obedient girl so I never say no. But it�s SO MUCH shit�there�s really only 1 thing a good girl can do when she has extra shit and she needs to eat it. Chewing slowly�savoring every drop of the delicious flavor from my stinky poop. It�s enough shit for an entire meal! Next he asked me to suck and gag on my shit covered feet. He says that he likes to watch his little slave suck on her cute little toes. Do you like my toes, Master? There is only one thing Master loves more than watching me eat my shit�and that is drinking some milk and puking everything from my stomach. It would make the most delicious shit milkshake�do you want some? Finally, in the ultimate show of skill and humiliation, he asks me to deepthroat my dildo and hold my head (and BEAUTIFUL hair) in the bowl of vomit. I am a good and obedient girl�but even I know I have some major skills! I love to imagine that this is my Master�covered in my sticky shit puke while I am deepthroating him. I�ve been a good girl, Master! Do I deserve your cum?


Enema for Daddy

Sometimes, the best thing a kinky girl can do for her Daddy is surprise him. So I decided to make an inverted enema video to send to his work email. It�s fun to tease him while he�s at work. � Watch me snuggle up to the sofa and fill my ass with milk. But we both know that�s not even the best part! The fountains of brown milk and turds that erupt from my beautiful ass will instantly make you want to jerk your cock. It always makes me feel special (and Daddy very happy) when I spread my delicious butt fudge all over my body�including my cute face and feet! I can�t wait to suck Daddy when he comes home, so I just tease him a little with some dirty ATM sucking and gagging. I know when Daddy comes homes, he�s going to gape my ass even more and give me a giant load of cum on my beautiful face and hair. �� Kisses! Cris ����