Choosing Your Stage Name for Sex Work

Why is the Name Important?

When many people start doing work in the adult industry, they know that they have to pick a name to conceal their private identity, but most don’t consider how important the name is. Always think big! If you are successful, it will be hard to change your name later without losing the recognition you’ve built so it’s best to think about it and get it right early in your career.

A good name will:

  • create a lasting impression on viewers so they can become fans
  • tell a new customer something about yourself
  • make your work easy to find for customers and fans

I have seen many models lose out on sales from customers who want very badly to purchase from them, but can’t remember their name or who can’t find them on google or social media.

Without a good name, you could end up being a little clip or picture passed around the internet with lots of potential fans commenting “Who is she??” and no answer.

What Factors are Important?

There are a list of rules to follow that will help you find a good name. Don’t be discouraged if your name doesn’t fit in all of them, sometimes small changes to an existing name will make a big difference.

  • Available
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Relevant

I’ll go over each of these o explain them and help you come up with the perfect handle.

Is it Available?

This is the easiest one to check, but also the most devastating if you don’t check first and have to find out later.

On Social Media:

Social media is the biggest way to advertise your work, so it is VERY important to use it. Even if you don’t have time yet, or don’t know how to use some social media platforms, It’s smart to reserve your account with your name so you can use it later (and so others don’t steal it)

Use this site to check your ideas. You should also check to see if your domain is available here:

Not every platform is important, but it is very useful if you can get your own accounts for Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, and your domain, AKA (YourPornName).com.

If some are not available, check to see if the account using your handle is active and popular. If the account is private or very small or not being used for a long time, that is usually ok even though it is preferable if you own them all.

Since I didn’t use Twitter for the first several years, my twitter username has to be @ScatCassie instead of @CassieScat since it was taken. Sometimes people accidentally tag @CassieScat when they mean to reach out to me or give me a shout out and those are opportunities lost.

On Porn Sites:

Now you have to check porn sites individually since it’s a little trickier without these username check sites to help.

Here is a useful list of popular vanilla porn sites and all the scat sites you should check. Even if you only make scat content that isn’t allowed on vanilla sites, it’s useful to check for double because you might want to expand later, and because a vanilla porn star with the same name will make it hard for people to find you.

This list is not an endorsement of these sites, but even if you don’t plan to use one, it is very important you make sure there is not a double or your name.

Scat Sites:

Vanilla Porn Sites:

  • Pornhub
  • Clips4Sale
  • IWantClips
  • ManyVids
  • OnlyFans
  • Chaturbate

Once you have finished reading this article and have chosen a name, make accounts on as many sites as you can to reserve it!

Is It Unique?

Even if your name is available as a username, it may not be unique enough.

Do a quick search of google using your name! Search a few different ways to see what you get.

For example, if your porn name idea were to be “Kassandra Maybelle” try searching all of these options in google:

  • Kassandra Maybelle
  • KassandraMaybelle
  • “Kassandra Maybelle”
  • “KassandraMaybelle”

This name is a good example of something that passes the google test as the first results for all of these searches are very irrelevant to the search terms (the first option is a listing for a character named “Maybelle Parker” which is very different) or turn up nothing in the case of the searches with quotation marks.

An example of a name that doesn’t pass would be “Kassandra May” which turns up several women who you will spend your career fighting against to get that first google search result if you choose the same name.

Sometimes, names with available usernames, like for example, MJWatsonScat is available everywhere, but will not pass the google test as the comic book character “MJ Watson” will always come up first, even if you add the word “Scat” because she is too famous. Try not to base your name off of existing characters, people or brands to avoid this.

A great way to create a unique name for Scat is to include the word “Scat” in the name. It’s different that the more commonly used words like “poo” or “shit” which get used often out of the context of scat porn, so it is mostly reserved for fetish works. “Scat Maybelle” in fact works better at the google test than “Kassandra Maybelle” does even though it is shorter and simpler. I explain more details about this in the section “Is It Relevant?”

Is It Memorable?

A memorable name will mean someone can watch your video, then the next week, still remember what to google. It also means that when they see a post on twitter asking for their favourite scat model, they will be able to answer your name, accurately, right away!

Check on these subcategories to make sure your name is memorable:

  • Does it include numbers or characters that are hard to remember?

    • Sometimes a simple number is okay, but the best porn stars and celebrities don’t have numbers in their names unless it’s part of their brand, like a stoner girl using ‘420’ in the name
    • Names with a . or - or other characters like emojis are often difficult to remember so stick to just letters in your name
  • Is it easy to spell?

    • Using alternative spellings is a popular way to get a username you want but is already taken. I don’t recommend this approach.
    • Customers will remember the more common spelling first and use that to search for you or talk about you
    • Use the most common spellings of the words in your name for the part of the world that your customers live in (use American spellings if your customers will mostly be American!)
  • Is it made of words people know?

    • Using made up words or names makes it harder to remember and spell your name
    • Using names that are very uncommon or words many people don’t know makes your name less memorable
    • Use names and words common in the language of your customer base. A model from another country like Japan might use that in her branding but should pick Japanese names that are common in America rather than Japanese names that are common in Japan if that is who she thinks her customers will be.
  • Is it short and simple?

    • The more simple you can make your name, the better. Two words is better than three, and easier to remember! Try to keep it as simple as you can.

Is It Relevant?

A truly excellent name will tell customers a litle something about you before they see anything else.

My name is CassieScat.

“Cassie” tells customers I’m likely a white, English-speaking, young woman. It is a cute name rather than elegant and it’s a simple name rather than fancy. This speaks to the girl-next-door content I make with uncomplicated editing, simple outfits and minimal makeup.

“Scat” is the type of porn I make, so it communicates a lot to have it in the name! I don’t ever want to make other porn but if I did, it’d be bad to be so specific.

Think of your brand and think about if your name matches it.

If you are branding yourself with your background, pick a name that reflects that background.

Names can say a lot! Check your name for how old it makes you seem. Check to see if your name sounds cute, sexy, silly, elegant, expensive or approachable.

For scat porn, I think including something to communicate that is a good way to make a name. Here is a list of words that I’ve seen other successful models use in their names.

  • Scat
  • Poo or Poop
  • Messy
  • Dirty
  • Stinky
  • Funky
  • Gassy
  • Farty
  • Poopie or Poopy

A name like KassandraPoopie sounds cuter and younger and friendlier than GassyKassandra who sounds like she could be an older, elegant fart domme.

There’s lots of options!

*Keep in mind, if your name is like mine, NameScat, you might run into the issue i get where people think I am an account about a cat “CassiesCat” instead of “CassieScat”. If I got a do-over maybe I would have doen ScatCassie instead! Now it’s too late though, so make sure to give it lots of thought when choosing!

Ask Your Community!

I promise lots of potential customers would love to weigh in and help you out :)

If you make a post somewhere like r/coprophiles on Reddit and ask the group which names they like best out of a few you have thought of, they will surely reply to help you out!