Tips for Selling on FemScat

Posting Schedule

A good posting schedule will help you build a good number of videos for sale while also maximizing your exposure to users no the site. You will keep existing fans happy with new things to buy while also catching the attention of people who may not have looked at your content before.

Use the Queue

However often you post, it’s best to be regular. If you make 4 videos a month, post them weekly instead of all on the same day. If you make 15 videos a month, schedule them every other day. Space them out!

Use the Home Page for Exposure

FemScat has a section on the home page to show the 12 newest clips on the site, limiting each model to one clip there at a time. This means, if you post 2 clips the same day, only one will show on the home page, but if you schedule the second video for the next day, you will have a video on the home page for twice as long.

Similarly, the ‘Search” page shows the models avatars in the order they last updated their shop so keeping yours high on that list for as long as possible is best done with spaced out video uploads.

An Exception

One exception to this is when you are a new model and your avatar appears as one of the 12 newest models on the Search page or the 6 newest models on the Home page. Try to upload every day if you can since this exposure won’t last forever and lots of customer love to buy from new models and see what they’re like!



FemScat does a lot of work to advertise our models. Twitter is the biggest source of new customers for our site so making a Twitter account is highly recommended. I’ll go over some ways to make advertising on Twitter with FemScat as effective as possible.

Add you Twitter account to your FemScat so that when we tweet about your video, we can tag you and customers will be drawn to follow your account. You can add it here by clicking “Edit Store” and adding your Twitter username.

Once your Twitter is verfieid by our moderation team, every time one of your videos is tweeted about, we will tag your account. If you look in your Twitter “Mentions” under “Notifications”, you will see these tweets and can retweet them for some easy advertising of your videos.

You can also create your own tweets about your videos on FemScat by clicking the ‘tweet’ button beside your video listing on your model dashboard here which will create a tweet for you to send from your account abou that video. You can edit these tweets before sending them out to personalize them for your followers, or schedule them on Twitter so you have lots of advertising queued up.


We also use a Reddit account to advertise every one of your videos. If you add your Reddit account the same way you added your Twitter account clicking “Edit Store” here, then these Reddit Posts will include a link to your profile rather than just your model name.

You can make your own Reddit posts about your content and post them to the subreddit /r/FemScat. We allow our models to post advertsing any of their scat content, even if not sold directly through FemScat, so use this to build your entire brand!

Another way to work with FemScat on Reddit to advertise yourself is to use our posts we made about your videos and crosspost them to other subreddits including ones you make yourself or other relevant places to advertise. Some people find it easier than making their own posts to just share the ones we make.

Keywords, Descriptions and SEO

FemScat videos are often found from direct links to the video the customer wants to buy, but many customers also look for new clips using our “Search” page.

Our search function will use your model name, the video title and the video description and the video keywords to decide which videos pop up in a customer search.

Model Name:

You can change your model name any time without effecting the link to your store or your clips but it is best for branding to keep it the same and if you change it, try to make sure you only change it once so fans can keep track of you.

I wrote an article on some tips for creating a good name for your Scat Porn Persona. You can read that Here.

Video Title:

  • under 32 characters
  • correct spellings
  • descriptive words

We don’t limit the number of words or characters in the title (but may in the future) however, 32 characters is the cut off when videos appear in the ‘top sellers’ section of your store or on the Home and Search pages. The full title is used by the search feature but titles under 32 characters look better to customers.

A good title will use clear and descriptive words with the correct spelling so the search engine and customers can understand them better.

Video Description:

  • longer is better

  • use correct spellings and full words

  • avoid emojis as they may confuse the search feature

  • use different words to describe the same thing if you talk about the same thing multiple times

    • example: use ‘asshole’ and ‘butthole’ instead of saying ‘asshole’ twice
    • use ‘pooping’ and ‘poop’ to cover more keywords
  • if you are speaking another language in the video, include a description in both english and your own language in the description

A good video description is important both so the customer feels confident in their purchase that they will enjoy the video and so the video shows up in more searches.


  • format keywords with a comma and a space between each term

    • example, format, each, word, like, this, or include phrases, all together like this
  • use words that are similar to words you already included in the description and title but that aren’t repeats

    • example, if you included lots of talk about poop but not the words ‘poo’ or ‘pooping’, you can include them as keywords
  • use words that describe yourself as a model for each of your videos

    • examples: transgender, BBW, ebony, redhead, bimbo, milf, etc
  • use alternative names to your model name or other names you used in the past

    • My model name is “CassieScat” so I always include: Cassie, Cassie Scat, CassieLa, Cassie La, ScatCassie

Customers don’t see keywords but they are very useful to include relevant language for the search engine. If the words are already in your description or title, you don’t need to include them as keywords. This is useful to cover all your bases for SEO (search engine optimization).

Some of my keywords, like my name, will be relevant for every one of my videos so I always include them. I keep them listed on my computer so I can copy and paste them, then add more keywords specific to the video. This saves me time when adding videos.

Cater to Your Customer:

While different models are popular to different types of customers, FemScat shares some information about their customer base. You can view this information and use it to create better content. I detail everything I know about our customer behaviour in our annual transparency reports.

Here is 2021-2022