A Beginner's Guide to Reddit for Scat Models

Reddit is a social news website and forum that features user-submitted content that is curated and promoted by site members through the process of voting. As of September 2023, Reddit is the seventh most popular website on the internet, garnering nearly 5 billion monthly visits. It is anonymous, free, and customizable. Reddit is difficult to get used to but is absolutely worth it to advertise and promote your work.

The Basics

The whole of Reddit is made up of communities called subreddits, each one appearing as a feed of posts much like your Facebook or Twitter homepage. The Reddit homepage itself is also a feed, made up of posts taken from the subreddits that you’ve joined and profiles that you’ve followed, combined with posts from other subreddits that Reddit’s algorithm determines to be of importance.

Users can reply to posts in the form of comments, just like most other social media sites. You can join or even create your own custom subreddits based on shared interests. Reddit has a mobile version and an app, but I am writing this with desktop in mind. If something doesn’t work, try it on desktop.

Making An Account

  1. Register at https://www.reddit.com/register, and use your email to create an account. Other people will not be able to see your email address. You will want to confirm your email address later so use one you have access to.
  2. Choose your username and password. Other Reddit users will know you by your username, so pick something relevant to your brand rather than accepting one of their random suggestions.

You will not be able to change this later so I recommend giving it some thought. I have suggestions for you name in this article: Choosing Your Stage Name for Sex Work. If you have already chosen your stage name on other platforms, but the same name is already taken on Reddit, I suggest choosing a name as close to your stage name as possible. For example, you could add an underscore (_) at the end of the name.

  1. You will then be promoted to choose interests and customize your avatar. None of this matters, so just skip or choose random things to remove later.

Basic Settings

Once you’re comfortable with Reddit, you’ll want to customize your Profile settings to create the experience that works for you. Until then, I recommend that you follow this Profile settings guide to get you started.

Not every option is mentioned here; that’s fine, you can come back later and check them out if it interests you. Until then, follow these recommendations to make your first reddit experience work for you.

Start by clicking on your username in the top right corner and select Profile to view your profile. Click the settings gear symbol on the right side of the page near your (probably blank) avatar so we can edit these more in-depth. There are many options in these menus with varying degrees of usefulness. Here are the settings I would recommend:


The only thing worth changing here is to connect your Twitter account if you have one.


  • “Display Name” appears on your profile page under the avatar - use your username.
  • “About” is a short text description about yourself. Paragraph break and clickable links don’t work here.
  • “Social Links” add social media links to your profile. (You can actually add any site you want to promote by clicking Custom URL after clicking Add social link).
  • “Avatar and a banner image” Are the images on your profile that let reddit users know they are indeed looking at your profile. Both images need to be PNG or JPG files. You can convert other image files using a site like https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-png or take a screenshot of your image to make a PNG image. The picture you choose for your avatar will centre automatically so make sure the good part is in the middle or crop it so it’s square first.
  • “NSFW” - turn ON
  • “Allow people to follow you” - turn ON
  • “Content visibility” - turn ON
  • “Active in communities visibility” - turn OFF

Safety & Privacy:

These should be set to your personal preference, but the following is essential:

  • “Show up in search results” - ON

Feed Settings:

  • “Adult content” - ON
  • “Safe browsing mode” - OFF
  • “Autoplay media” - ON

Notifications / Emails:

  • Messages
    • “Inbox messages” - ON
    • “Chat messages” - ON
    • “Chat requests” - ON
  • Activity
    • “Mentions of u/username” - ON
    • “Comments on your posts” - ON
    • “Upvotes on your posts” - OFF
    • “Upvotes on your comments” - OFF
    • “Replies to your comments” - ON
    • “Activity on your comments” - OFF
    • “Activity on threads you’re in” - OFF
    • “Activity on chat posts you’re in” - OFF
    • “New followers” ON only if your strategy includes greeting new followers
    • “New post flair” - OFF
    • “New user flair” - ON (attaining flair is often the indication your account has been verified on certain subreddits)
    • “Pinned posts” - OFF
    • “Awards you receive” - ON
    • “Posts your follow” - ON
    • “Comments you follow” - ON
  • Recommendations
    • (All OFF)


  • Turn all options OFF, except for “Unsubscribe from all emails”

Chat & Messaging:

Turn on the ability for everyone to send you messages if you would like to be able to talk to fans, answer their questions and coordinate sales through Reddit.


I don’t think you should ever need to buy Reddit Premium or spend money on this site.

Posts and Comments

Generally speaking, most of your time on Reddit will be spent submitting posts and comments to various subreddits. Take a moment to learn how to make the kind of posts you want before you do it for real.

Create a Post

Practice submitting a post by submitting it to your own profile page, rather than elsewhere on reddit. Go to the reddit homepage and click either Create Post in the top centre, or the plus symbol at the top right. You should find yourself on https://www.reddit.com/submit.

At the top left, just under the title Creaee a post, there is a small box that says Choose a community. This both a search bar and a drop-down list. Select your user profile from the drop-down list. Type in your username if it does not appear.

Mess around with the settings and make a bunch of posts here. Anyone can see them but they likely will not see anything since you don’t have any followers so feel free to try things out. You can always delete posts and comments later.

Types of Post


This is the first type of post labelled as “post”. This is best used for information posts like collections or links, stories, commentary or questions. Just a title is used for a very short idea on it’s own, or as something to encourage clicks so people will read more information in the post body.

Image & Video:

This is for posts that are an image, GIF or video. NSFW accounts and subreddits can’t officially use this feature, yet there is a bug that allows you to use it anyway. For more information on this, go to the section on Social-Rise.com.


To post NSFW images, GIFs or videos, use a Link post. Rather than post the content directly, a link post links to content hosted elsewhere on the internet. Linking to image files or GIFs is best since they will show visual previews which will make people want to click rather than just a text link.

To the Reddit user, these previews will appear on the page of the post, just as if they were an Image & Video post. Posting a link ending in .jpg, .png, or .gif is the way to do this. The exception to this is when using a link from RedGIFs, but we will get to that later.


This will create a poll and is rarely used, but you can have fun making polls on some subreddits if you’d like.

Post Details


This is where you write something to catch attention and communicate what your post is about. Many subreddits have rules for their titles about what must be included. Links put in titles can’t be clicked so this is not the right place for that.


Under the title is the body of the post. You’ll see that the options change appropriately for the type of post you choose.


Under the body of the post there are buttons that allow you to mark the post as OC, Spoiler, NSFW, or Flair. Give your post the appropriate mark.

OC stands for Original Content and should be marked if you are the creator of the content.

Spoiler hides the body of the post for the other users until they click on a button to reveal it. This is typically used to hide new information that would be considered to be a spoiler for the fans of a franchise with an ongoing story.

NSFW means Not Safe For Work which is a mark that should be applied to any content which would be considered inappropriate if viewed in a professional setting. For our purposes, every post you make should be marked as NSFW. If you do not mark your posts as such, the moderators of that subreddit are compelled to manually marks your posts, else they might come under fire from Reddit administrators, so stay on their good side by doing it yourself.

Flairs are used by users to filter through a subreddit’s posts to find the content they like. Most subreddits allow (or require) a flair on their posts. If there is an option for a flair, use it and make sure it matches your content. Don’t try to squeeze your content into a flair that isn’t genuinely appropriate, as that is considered spam.

Now that you’re familiar with the Create a post page, try out the available options, click Post and your post will be submitted and within a few seconds it will be live for viewing on your profile.

Comments and replies

Click on one of the posts you made on your profile.

Under the body of the post will be a box that says Comment as u/[username]. Leave a comment on your post. If you were to hit refresh at this point, you’d see your new comment under the post.

Beneath your comment, there is a text bubble icon next to the word Reply. Clicking this will open yet another comment area. The difference between this comment and the one you just left is that is a reply to the comment, rather than the post. It will appear nested underneath the comment to which to you’re replying.

Take a moment and experiment with these functions just to get the hang of it. We talk more about the value of comments and replies later.


Reddit’s subreddits (or subs) are its communities, the essence of what makes Reddit distinct from other online forums and groups. You can join other peoples’ subreddits and create your own.

You should be active, posting and commenting in many subreddits. I recommend at least one each of your own subreddits, a subreddit with a large following, and a more niche-specific subreddit with a smaller but lively community.


These are the people that run other subreddits, just as you would be the moderator of your own subreddit. They make the rules. You can message them to ask for clarification or advice. If you are polite, they might answer, but many are busy or inactive and won’t see your message.

Send a message to the moderator of a subreddit by addressing the message to the subreddit instead of a user (to: /r/subreddit instead of to: /u/username for example). Remember when addressing them, that you are a guest in their community.

Subreddit Rules

Each subreddit is a community that was started by one person, or a small group of people, with a vision: to create a space on the internet with a vibe that is particular to their needs. Some subreddits don’t want any content that is user-created, and others do not want content from sellers. Many subreddits have rules for sellers, usually regarding links, watermarks, post titles or minimum karma.

Since subreddits are generally public, and Reddit has such high traffic, it’s easy for subreddits to become overrun with off-topic content (aka spam). This spoils the experience for the members of that subreddit. To combat spam many subreddits display a set of rules for anybody who wants submit a post to their sub. By following the a subreddit’s rules, you ensure that you are showing respect to that audience and that your content will be well-received.

Unfortunately finding the rules is not always a straight forward task. Generally speaking they will be in the sidebar (three dots in corner on mobile). They also might appear in a pinned post at the top of the feed. Sometimes there are rules in both the sidebar and in a pinned post! When checking for rules, make sure that the sub’s feed is sorted by “hot”. Pinned posts do not display in the other sorting modes.


Many subreddits enforce karma and age minimums for their contributors. These restrictions are in place to prevent spammers, bots, and disingenuous accounts from clogging up the subreddit’s feed with irrelevant or annoying posts.

Karma is a type of score that is assigned to your profile based on your behavior. Many factors affect your karma, but it is mostly determined by how many upvotes your posts and comments receive. If you post something that is popular, that post will receive many upvotes, and those upvotes will contribute to your karma.

There are many subreddits that are designed to boost karma, such as r/FreeKarma4U. Do not use these subreddits. Many subreddits considering your account for verification or approval will check your post history to make sure you have not used them.

There are also many subreddits which incidentally provide the same service, but do not advertise it as such. The themes of these subreddits will generally be about visually appealing eye-candy: puppies, cats, baked goods, and so on. I also suggest that you do not use these subreddits as shortcuts to boost your karma, because many mods will check for this as well. They look for accounts that have a post history showing one subject (e.g. cats) then switch suddenly to something else (e.g. scat).

Account Age

The age requirement is in reference to your account’s age, measured in days. Some subreddits will require a submitting account to be 3, 15, 30, or more, days old in order to post. There is no way around this. Make a note of the subreddits that don’t allow your account, and come back to them when the account is old enough.


As an additional measure against spam, many subreddits require verification. By verifying your profile, the moderators of a subreddit know that you are indeed the owner of your content.

Each subreddit that requires verification will have it’s own method of verification, but typically they will ask for selfies of yourself with a wrinkled piece of paper with the subreddit name written on it. It is beneficial to keep a list of subreddits with your verification status, and update it as your photos are verified because it can quickly become too much to remember.

Finding Subreddits

Browse Reddit to find subreddits that are right for your content. Use the search bar at the top of the homepage to search for topics that are relevant to your content. You will find great results in the right-hand side of the search results there is a section labeled Communities.

There is also a subreddit called r/Scatlist, which maintains an updated list of scat subreddits. It’s an amazing resource! You should use this to follow all the subreddits that might be relevant and useful to you.

Once you’ve joined a bunch of these subreddits, you should give them a look and take some out that are not right for you when you look closer. Don’t bother with subreddits like the following:

  • Not active: If there aren’t any recent posts on the subreddit, it is unlikely that any significant amount of people will see your post there.
  • Full of spam: If the subreddit is full of spam posts that seem to link to fake social media profiles, scams or unrelated content. An example would be posts of girls asking to follow them on Snapchat with basic clothed pictures in a subreddit about scat smearing.
  • No customers: Rather than the types of people posting, focus on who is viewing the subreddit. Some subreddits have many posts from other models selling things, but all the followers are also sellers rather than customers.

Look into the comments of the posts on the subreddit and see if there are any customers interacting with the posts. Some subreddits will also have other types of people who would not make good customers so use your judgment. People mocking the fetish, people in subreddits with mostly free porn and people looking to find someone to date are not people who will buy videos for example.

  • Restrictive rules or verification: Check the rules of the subreddit and decide if it’s worth your time.

The subreddits you are left with will be your list of great places to post your content and engage with your emerging fanbase.

### Building Traction

Advertising on reddit is a slow burn. Don’t worry about maximizing your results every single day while you’re still learning. If you rock the boat too hard before you know the motion of the ocean, you will find your account banned for spam, which is the last thing that you want.

Instead, concentrate on a few communities at a time with the goal of learning what that audience wants, and providing it for them if you are able. High traffic is not the goal - high conversion is the goal. Increasing visibility is pointless if it doesn’t lead to sales. Being a famous spammer is less valuable than being a trusted member of many communities.

If you can’t post where you want due to various restrictions, simply start by posting the content you want to share in smaller subreddits that welcome your material. If you’re still not finding the karma traction you’re looking for, then share some vanilla content in the relatively bigger subreddits that will allow your low karma/age. The relatively smaller vanilla subreddits are still often more popular than even the biggest fetish subreddits.

r/femscat is a rookie-friendly subreddit for scat creators. It is a great place to get the hang of things and build your audience.

Your Own Subreddit

You can make your own subreddit which you will control by clicking “Create Community” from the Reddit home page. You should make a subreddit with the same name as your model name before somebody else does. You want control of your own brand of course!

Under Community Type, there are three options.

  • Choose Private if you don’t plan on using it just yet (nobody will be able to see this except you).
  • Choose Public if you want other people to be able to post on your subreddit. I do not recommend this at the beginning as it will fill up with spam.
  • Choose Restricted if you want to be the only user with the ability to submit posts. Other users will still be able to see and engage with your posts. This is the best option in my opinion for a subreddit about yourself.

Always choose NSFW.

You can always change these settings later so don’t feel too much pressure.

If you make any of your own subreddits, message the moderators of r/Scatlist to let them know so they can add them to the list. To send a message to the moderator of a subreddit, address the message to the subreddit instead of a user (to: /r/scatlist instead of to: /u/username for example).

Though you should definitely reserve your subreddit, it doesn’t mean you have to start using it immediately, especially if you don’t have a plan for it. Generally speaking, when a user discovers you on Reddit, they are more likely to follow your profile than join your subreddit. Since posts made to your profile will end up in followers’ home feeds, just as posts to your subreddit will end up in it’s members’ feeds.

Posting to Subreddits

This is where the big audience is and where you will grow your Reddit fan-base!

Believe it or not, it’s not hard to get banned from Reddit. Play safe and read Reddit’s Content Policy.

Remember that Reddit’s origin is as a news site, so familiarize yourself with Reddit Etiquette, or Reddiquette. Of course, in the subreddits where we’ll be spending time, the enforcement will be much looser (as porn is not news) but being aware of general Reddiquette will help you understand the culture of the site.

What to Post

Choose the content you want to post and then make posts using it in every subreddit that is relevant.

Remember to make a link post, and choose an image or GIF link so that the content shows a preview to viewers. These links end in .jpg, .png, or .gif. If someone has to click a text link to see what you are posting, you are losing many customers.

The culture of Reddit is to view an image or gif in the platform. Very few communities will click a bare text link without seeing a preview they like!

Connecting your Content

The Link posts you make will require content, but since you cannot upload NSFW content to reddit directly, you are faced with the issue of finding a host for your content.

Depending on your situation, it might be that you can already find your own content on the other sites you’ve posted to, like selling platforms or social media sites! You can also upload content to various hosting sites such as RedGIFs. EZGIF is a very useful website for creating and editing .gif files.

Imgur and Gfycat were two other popular hosting sites, but Imgur has recently banned NSFW content, and Gfycat has recently shut down.

#### RedGIFs

There are a few things to learn about RedGIFs if you don’t want to pull your hair out in frustration.

This site does not actually host .gif files, but short videos in the .mp4 format. The videos have a short time limit, and when embedded into a Reddit post, they play automatically, much like a gif. So these short videos and video previews are often referred to as “GIFs” even though they are not technically .gif files.

Reddit mutes the audio from RedGIFs previews for mobile users. If you choose to upload content on RedGIFs to share to Reddit, do not bother uploading something that doesn’t work without sound. 90% of your audience is browsing on mobile and will not hear whatever sound is there, anyway.

If you are uploading any extreme content to RedGIFs (scat, enema, vomit, etc) set the upload to ‘private’. You can still share the link publicly on Reddit, but it will not display within the RedGIFs site for those who do not have a direct link. If you do not set these uploads to private, it is only a matter of time until the RedGIFs moderators remove it.

Finally, verify on RedGIFs if you plan on posting public content. RedGIFs offers expanded options for verified users, the most important is the ability to post links on your Redgifs profile. RedGIFs has a decent amount of native traffic, so do not let this easy traffic opportunity go to waste.

#### Content Quality

Good content caters audience’s needs, and is easy to consume. For a photograph, that is simple enough - it’s either a good photo or it isn’t. If you are posting a GIF there are a few crucial details that need to be addressed if you want your content to have an impact.

  • Good Previews: remember that the user at home doesn’t know what is going to happen in any video that they see - they are simply seeing the first frame of the gif as they are scrolling through their feed. If they have autoplay enabled, then they are still only going to see the first few frames before they’ve made the decision to keep scrolling or not, so the success of your gif content relies on the quality of those first few frames, what we’ll call the preview.
    • Good previews tend to show some of you, some of the scat, and some of the action.
    • A GIF that is a short snippet of high quality video is always best, but there is still a place for gifs made up of a series of screenshots. Experiment and see what works for you.
    • The first frame should be hot! If the first frame is not enticing, assume the rest of the gif was not watched.
  • Low Effort Content: After spending some time on Reddit, you’ll no doubt see the phrase low effort content - and hopefully not in reference to your own posts. It can be difficult to nail down exactly what will and won’t be considered low effort, because it is relative to the novel value of the content. For example, a leaked celebrity sex tape does not need to have the same production values as a professional porn. However, this is not the typical case. Generally speaking, you are entering a marketplace with unspoken established expectations, and any content that does not meet those expectations will be deemed low effort and ignored or considered spam.
    • Trim out the “just hit record” moments. Most media hosting sites such as RedGIFs, offer the ability to trim your clips when you upload them - use this!
    • Maintain a decent standard of photography. If your content looks worse than every other creator in a subreddit, put more work into the craft. (A cellphone camera is just fine, by the way!)
    • Be apparently intentional in your choices. Ask yourself: What is the content about?
    • Know your audience. Emulate the creators that do well, or find the audience that wants what you’re selling. Don’t bother wedging your content into places that won’t welcome it.
    • Don’t be afraid to ‘kill your babies’. If a piece of content continuously fails to gain traction, delete it and move on.


A crosspost is a tool that allows you to share a post from one subreddit to another, while also allowing you to change the title. It’s Reddit’s equivalent to a retweet on Twitter.

A crosspost will show which subreddit the post came from, much like a retweet shows the creator of the original tweet. This is a good advertising opportunity, as users who are engaged by the content will want to explore the subreddit from which the post came. This can be very useful for advertising to another subreddit (such as your own!).

Here are some tips for crossposts.

  • Whenever you make a crosspost, be sure to add a comment under it. If you do not, other users will not be able to leave comments.
  • Some subreddit moderators feel like crossposting is an attempt to siphon their users away, so make sure that crossposts are welcome. That said, some subreddits are crosspost only, so it is really situational. Just remember: When in Reddit, do as the Redditors do.
  • Crossposts are also great for sharing posts that others have made about you, to your own subreddits or user profile!


When someone enjoys a post, they will also often read the comments or even leave a comment themselves. This interaction is called engagement. After you make a post, you should immediately add a comment to encourage engagement.

In some subreddits, you are allowed to leave extra information in the comments. This is frequently called selling. If selling is allowed, you should link to the source of the content, your social media, or some other information on how to buy things from you (e.g. Check out Femscat.com HERE). Do not do this if the subreddit rules say it’s not allowed.

If selling is not allowed, it might be that you can post a link to your profile or your own subreddit instead, but be weary of this as well - many subreddits will view that as siphoning their native audience away. Check the subreddit’s rules to make sure that’s not considered an offence. If no links of any kind are allowed, it’s still good to say something fun, flirty or informative as a comment. You can and should also respond to any comments made by others on your post to encourage engagement.


When making a text post or comment, there is an option to add an outbound link. Next to the familiar bold and italic icons, you’ll see a chainlink: click this icon to create a link to any website that you want.

  • Use the option to title your link so it looks clean and professional.
  • If you want a slight boost in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can make your link title descriptive. (e.g. instead of “Check out the hottest scat ladies at Femscat.com by clicking here” write “At Femscat.com you’ll see: The Hottest Scat Ladies!)
  • Do not use URL shortening services like Bitly or TinyURL in your comments or profile. Redditors are reluctant to click shortened links because they are often used maliciously.


While there is nothing wrong with simply posting content to lead traffic to your external links, there are many potential customers that require a little more engagement to activate. This is where genuine interaction and engagement make a difference. Find communities where you can not just advertise, but genuinely contribute. Browse reddit for the subjects that interest you and are relevant to your brand, and get your hands dirty! A great example of this is r/coprophiles, which is a community discussion group about scat play. Tell stories, offer advice, and let people get to know you.

Optimizing your Profile:

Since many subreddits do not allow selling or linking in the comments, we need to take a moment to talk about your user profile.

Think of your reddit profile like a deluxe business card. Users who see and enjoy your content on various subreddits will be enticed to learn more about you. The first thing they do is click on your username to see your profile. This is the moment where reddit traffic converts into real, valuable traffic. To make sure that you’re getting the most of this opportunity, your profile should easily communicate what you’re about and what services you provide.

Take a moment and go over your profile page with this in mind. Keep tweaking it until you’re proud of it.

  • Make sure you’re looking at your profile overview, not the posts, comments, history, etc…
  • Links to external sites should be obvious and inviting. Avoid URL shorteners, linktree types sites, or anything that adds a step between your profile and the sale.
  • Double check your about text. Low-effort descriptions like “will fill this out later” will drag you down. As will irony, cynicism, or anything that a man can’t process when blood is in his dick instead of his brain.
  • Your avatar and banner images should be on brand
  • Your profile can have up to four pinned posts. A pinned post stays at the top of your profile overview regardless of when and where it was posted. Here are some example posts that are valuable to pin:
    • Menus: A summary of your online services and platforms, plainly listing all the options with a brief description if necessary, just like a restaurant menu.
    • Links to your clips. Post a link to a hot photo or animated gif, and leave a comment with a hyperlink that takes the user directly to the point of sale.
    • Polls and fan outreach: A post that allows your fans to interact with you, such as an opinion poll or request for advice.
    • An invitation to the club: The club could be your Fansite, your Subreddit, a Telegram group, wherever you do your thing.
    • Popular content: A post of yours with good upvote momentum. The upvotes display social qualification, which is good for sales.
    • New content: The upvotes on your pinned post translate to the subreddit in which it was posted, which means that the votes of your followers will influence the success of your post in it’s respective subreddit, even if they aren’t members!
    • Much like the text images we see on Facebook, colorful text embedded into an image catches eyes way better than plain old text. Use this technique for any of the above post ideas!
  • Do a final check of your profile through the phone app. This is how most people will see it, so you should be taking that into account.

Connect to Femscat

Femscat.com provides many options to link your various accounts. Take advantage of all of them, because it will plug you in to automated promotional tools.

  • Whenever you publish content on Femscat.com, a bot will make a promotional post on r/femscat. This is a great opportunity to make a crosspost!
  • On the Femscat site, you can go to Store Administration then Edit Store where you can add your reddit information. This will add a shout-out to your username in all the automated posts about you. With that your profile will get more traffic, and you’ll get a notification about the post when it happens.
  • On the same page, you can also link your Scatbook/Darkfans profile. If your posts on that site have .gif or .mp4 previews, the bot at r/Darkfans will make an automated post for you there.

Sign up to FemScat if you haven’t already. It’s a scat-focused clip site with 70% commission! Also, if you don’t have a creator profile over at Scatbook, use my referral link Scatbook. It doesn’t reduce your commission, but it will help me out a lot!


As you learn how to navigate and interact with fans on the Reddit platform, it will become easier and you will be able to take on more.

Advertising on Reddit is a long-term game, like working out at the gym. If you try to rush your progress, you’ll get injured. If you rush it, you risk coming off as spammy rather than genuine, and in the worst case, you risk suspensions and bans. It might seem overwhelming, unintuitive, or even downright silly, but with a regular attention and effort, you’ll get the hang of it and the traffic will flow.

That’s it! You now have all the information you need to get started on Reddit. Refer back to this guide as go through each step so ensure you have the best chances of reaching the widest audience possible. Good luck!