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FemScat.com is a clip selling platform for scat fetish clips with some expansion into vomit, pee and fart videos. Models are women or couples who are independent creators rather than producers or studios so the porn available can all be classified as ‘indie’ or ‘amateur.’ Models create a page for their content and customers use the site to search for videos, add them to cart and pay. Videos are received as download links with a limited number of downloads for personal use only.

DISCLAIMER: I literally created and own FemScat.com. I am completely biased in opinion.


Basic Structure:

  • Payout for Video sales: 70%
  • Payout for Tips: 80%

Any Payout method is free if you reach a certain minimum. This minimum is different depending on the payout method since these all have different fees. Models set their own minimum payout thresholds and can change them any time so are in complete control of this.

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*To see Wire Transfer Supported Countries and Extended Fee Table, please scroll to the end of the post, it’s a very big table.

Referrals, Affiliates and Bonuses

Currently, FemScat has no official referral system. In the future, active models will be able to link new models signing up for a flat, one-time bonus, taken from the site’s cut, not the referred model.

FemScat has a small affiliate program for sites with a lot of traffic and users that may enjoy our site. This is a 5% affiliate link and applies to the user’s purchases from any model’s store. The 5% is not taken from models, rather from the site’s cut. Models cannot apply to be affiliates unless they own a site that advertises far beyond their own content with significant traffic. 

To apply to be an affiliate, please contact info@femscat.com

Bonuses are offered to models during special events. So far, FemScat has offered to double pay up to 200 USD for Black models during February and transgender models during November. These months honour the sex workers that are simultaneously the most mistreated in the industry and have done the most for our collective rights. They expect to keep this tradition going as the site grows.

How To Sign Up

  • Use sign up link: https://www.femscat.com/studio_index.php 

  • Use the email and password you entered to sign in: https://www.femscat.com/studio_index.php 

  • Submit verification documents

    • You need a photo ID showing the name and date of birth for every person in every video. Do not blur or censor any part of the ID. Upload a picture of each side for ID cards
    • You need to confirm the address of the account owner if the payout address is not on the photo ID or doesn’t match. You can use a screenshot or picture of something like a bank document, lease, utility bill, internet/phone bill, etc. that shows the name and address of the account owner
  • Choose your Payout Method and Minimum Payout

  • Upload an Avatar / Profile Picture

  • Name your Page (usually your model name)

  • Write a store description and list 10-25 keywords for your store

  • Upload and Post 5 clips that get approved by moderators

Support, Owners and Reputation

Models and customers can use the in-site support ticket system, emails, or messages on social media to contact FemScat support and get help or have their suggestions heard. Messages are currently checked primarily by the site owner and the social media manager, both of whom are active models on the site.

The sole owner of FemScat.com is CassieScat who is an active model on the site. Contractors are hired to help with the software development, moderation, support and social media management but have no stake in ownership. 

FemScat.com was built on the reputation of CassieScat who went public immediately with her creation and ownership of the site. It is funded by her personally. The reputation of standing up for models and strong model support are the biggest pillars of FemScat’s reputation.


  • Model-owned
  • Established customer base and site that has been online for over a year
  • Rapid growth and expansion with model input
  • Strong model and customer support
  • Supports growth of models’ personal social media accounts and allows linking in bio
  • Business transparency
  • Fully legal way to sell scat porn
  • Copyright protection of your content is the most heavily enforced of any scat porn platform in existence
  • Categories and a search bar helps customers find videos
  • Automatic video preview maker
  • Customers can tip any amount 10 USD or more on model pages
  • No sign up required for purchase for maximum customer privacy


  • No subscription services for videos

  • Customers cannot stream content

  • No messaging with customers

    • This feature is planned for the future
  • No direct support for custom videos or shipped items

  • Blood, including menstruation is not allowed in videos

  • Indie-only: third party producers or studios can not open stores

    • Exception for studios owned by female models who also appear in some or all videos and have good reputations for supporting their models
  • No male scat porn: men are only allowed as secondary models in videos starring women

  • Sign up and uploading process can be confusing for models, especially those who don’t speak English

    • This feature will be improved in 2023
  • No free videos

  • Customers sometimes have trouble purchasing videos due to security restrictions from the payout processor

What is Allowed

Thank you to Sophie Ladder for much of the information used in this section. 

Her resources can be found here: https://sophieladder.com/files/

More about Sophie and her content here: sophieladder.com

Fetish Is It Allowed?
Scat Fully Allowed
Pee Fully Allowed
Vomit Fully Allowed
Diapers Fully Allowed - adults only of course
Blood Not Allowed - cannot be visible, can be spoken about
Lactation Fully Allowed
Asphyxiation Allowed - no passing out can happen on camera
Bondage Fully Allowed
Fisting Fully Allowed
Weapons Not Allowed
Incest Roleplay Allowed - ‘step’ must be used
Drugs / Alcohol Allowed - cannot be drunk or high while having sex, alcohol cannot appear on screen explicitly (no labels on bottles)
Age-Play Allowed - no real children allowed, all models have verified their age
Kidnapping roleplay Fully Allowed
Hypnosis Allowed - use different words like ‘mermerization’ but can’t use things like ‘hypnosis’, ‘hypno’, hypn0sis’, etc.
Large / "Animal" Dildos Fully Allowed
Animals / Bugs Not Allowed - Animals are allowed in the background (cat walks through scene, aquarium in background, birds outside, etc). Animals cannot participate in the video actively or sexually. Animals / Bugs can be mentioned. No harm to animals / bugs can be visible or mentioned.

Site Features

Feature Currently Future
Works on Mobile Fully Functional on Mobile -
Model Accounts Model’s Access a Seller Dashboard The Model Dashboard will get new features in 2023
Customer Accounts Customers do not need accounts to buy Optional customer accounts will be added in 2023 to increase features for buyers
Customer Messaging No messaging support. Customers can leave a message in a tip. Models can add contact information to their bio for customers to use Messaging will be added in 2023
View Sales and Statistics Models can view most recent 100 sales, lifetime sales by item and statistics on clicks, views and sales by day, month and year Full website transparency documents will be released annually to disclose the traffic, sales and spending of FemScat as well as statistics on average and top model statistics done anonymously
Edit and Delete Listings Models can delete videos as they wish from the dashboard and edit most features of a video Ability to edit video previews after publishing will be added by 2024
Close Model Account Models can request by support ticket that their account be closed and it will be done within 3 days. Accounts can be closed temporarily and reopened or closed permanently A button to request store closure will be added in 2023
Social Media Integration Models can integrate their Twitter and Reddit accounts. Models can generate tweets about their clips from the seller dashboard. Automatic posting to model twitter accounts will be added by 2023. Integration with other sites and social media platforms will be expanded.
Model Privacy Model data is kept in a secure and separate place as required by law and no more. Models experiencing issues with doxxing can reach out to support for advice and to have their account temporarily closed until they are able to open again. Models can request old advertising be removed for privacy purposes. -
Piracy Support https://fs-dmca.web.app/

A program exists to submit DMCA copyright takedowns for model content with FemScat acting on the Model’s behalf, keeping the model’s real name private.

Wherever possible, FemScat will hire lawyers and take swift legal action against users who threaten the privacy or livelihood of models.

Optional watermarking done to videos uploaded to FemScat is planned as an added feature by 2024.
Model Tips / Donations Tips are enabled on FemScat for any amount 10 USD or greater. Tips to not entiltled the customer to anything, they are considered gifts. An option to leave an email address with their tip will be added for customers in 2023. Right now they can add it with the message, but some forget to
Custom Videos Some models have customers who want custom videos. They discuss the idea off site and pay for them through the tipping feature. This is allowed but considered unofficial. This is done at the customers risk since tips are considered free gifts. An official system for custom video ordering will be added by 2024.
Shipped Items Some models have customers who want shipped items. They discuss the idea off site and pay for them through the tipping feature. This is allowed but considered unofficial. This is done at the customers risk since tips are considered free gifts. There are no current plans to have shipped items added to FemScat.
In-site Advertising Spots exist on the home page to feature top clips and top models to recognize their achievements, as well as spots for new models and the latest updated clips to give growth to smaller stores and support models who actively upload. Monthly themes will be introduced in 2023 to further give opportunities for smaller creators to get visibility on the FemScat site.
Off-Site Advertising FemScat pays for advertising of every model’s videos on Twitter, Reddit, KinkyScat.com, and elsewhere online An Affiliate system is being made to encourage high traffic social media accounts and webpages to advertise for FemScat. The cut will come from the owner rather than the models.
Preview Maker Previews can be automatically generated for videos if models do not want to upload their own preview. -
FTP Support FemScat supports bulk content uploading using FTP. -
Traffic to your Page FemScat has a large user base and models with no existing fans will get traffic to their store by signing up and through regular uploads. -
Trans Model Friendly Trans Women and Non Binary Models who feel they belong on the site are allowed to make Model accounts on FemScat. A Transgender category accompanies these videos. -
Male Models Trans Women and Non Binary Models who feel they belong on the site are allowed to make Model accounts on FemScat. Male Models may participate in videos as secondary models but may not have their own account or make solo videos. -
Studio Accounts FemScat does not allow studio/producer accounts. The owner of the video must be one or more of the women in the video and they must be the owner of the Model Account. Studio accounts will be granted to studios owned by women who are also models appearing in some or all of the videos and have a good reputation for treating their sub-contracted models well.
On Demand Payouts Payouts are done automatically on the 1st of the month if the model's minimum payout amount is reached by the last day of the previous month. Payouts can be made on demand in exceptional cases by asking for help from support staff. -

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