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About Site

XSite Bunny is a website and app that offers subscription services to access levels of content made by its creators. Videos and pictures are uploaded by creators with most behind a monthly subscription paywall. XSiteBunny focuses on giving creators the most freedom to post the type of adult content they want and compared to similar adult subscription sites (think OnlyFans.com) I believe they have succeeded in having the least content-based barriers in the industry.

DISCLAIMER: I have an account on XSiteBunny and use of my referral link gets me a bonus if your content sells well but does not negatively affect your payouts or sales.


Basic Structure:

  • Payouts for Subscriptions sold: 90% ($6 fee for USA account payouts, $25 internationally, payouts twice monthly with 50 USD minimum)

    • Remember if you make 50 USD and get a payout for an international account, that will be a 45% payout with the big fee
  • Payouts on sales from referrals of other creators: 1% for the lifetime of the referred creator

Payouts are structured two ways - there are ‘cash outs’ and ‘payroll’. Cash outs happen every other Friday and this amount goes towards the total you will be paid upon a payroll. The minimum amount for a cash out is 50 USD. Payroll happens on the first Tuesday or Wednesday 2 weeks after your cash out and you will be paid whatever has been cashed out. These happen automatically so you don’t need to remember to hit any buttons or fill out any forms. 

Payouts are done using a payroll service called Gusto which you will sign up for when setting up your account. You will need to have a bank account to be paid. Given you can’t choose when you are paid out or set a minimum payout amount, the payout fee from Gusto might make your payout rate quite low if you are not being paid out much - for example my first payout and second payout were both $100 dollars after the 10% cut for XSiteBunny, but the $25 fee left me with even less - a 67.5% payout.

Referrals, Affiliates and Bonuses

You receive 1% lifetime commission on all income earned by any creator who joins the platform via your referral link. This referral bonus does not come out of the creator’s cut, but rather from XSiteBunny’s cut so it is always a nice thing to do to use someone’s referral link. Mine is https://app.xsitebunny.com/signup/?referral=19796

XSiteBunny also has many bonuses and incentives set up for creators who become very successful. Most creators will never see these prizes unless you are already very famous. If you ARE already very famous, please sign up using my referral link, I will love you forever. 

In case you are interested, here are some of the prizes and bonuses currently offered:

Creator of the month: 

This is seemingly chosen based on the top creator for the month in terms of sales. You seem to get your profile linked and your picture shown on the front page and in many users feeds for free extra promotion. I’m not sure how the process works honestly but it’s fun to see creators get shout outs from the site’s team :)

Creator Awards:

  • Silver Bunny Head: When you reach 100,000 subscribers. $10,000 plus a Silver XSite Bunny Head 
  • Gold Bunny Head: When you reach 1,000,000 subscribers. $100,000 plus a Gold XSite Bunny Head 
  • Diamond Bunny Head: When you reach 10,000,000 subscribers. $1,000,000 plus a Diamond XSite Bunny Head 
  • Purple Diamond Bunny Head : When you reach 100,000,000 subscribers. $10,000,000 plus a Purple Diamond XSite Bunny Head 

Each of these also come with a vacation prize to a tropical destination.

How To Sign Up

  • Use sign up link: https://app.xsitebunny.com/signup/?referral=19796

  • Follow site instructions to set up your accounts

    • The process must be completed all in 48 hours so make sure you are ready before you start the process
    • You need a photo ID showing the name and date of birth for every person in every video. Do not blur or censor any part of the ID. Upload a picture of each side for ID cards
    • You need to have a strong understanding of written and spoken English to sign up. There are videos you will need to watch and quizzes to complete afterwards about what you saw in the video to make sure you understood. If you do not speak and understand English well, get a trusted friend to help you. You cannot use google translate since there are spoken videos you must watch and understand with no transcript available
    • You need a working bank account in your name to be paid

Support, Owners and Reputation

Support staff can be reached through chat messages, support tickets, an automated chat bot that will link relevant information, phone, email and booked meetings with staff. Support seems to work only in English so use google translate or have a friend help you.

Support staff has been knowledgeable, prompt and polite so far in my experience. I have not consulted others for their opinions yet. 

XSiteBunny is American and Black owned. The site seems to have strong ethics and branding supporting the black sex worker community as seen from the perspective of me, a white model. It is nice for me to see support for a community that has done a lot for sex worker rights in the USA and in Canada where I am from, but who are usually more likely to be abused or taken advantage of and have less legal protection in the industry. I spoke with the head of marketing and he seemed very nice and knowledgeable. 

The brand also does a lot of work to support body positivity, freedom of expression, sex education and sex worker empowerment and rights. They have resources available like health insurance, courses and tax help that back up this branding.


  • Black-owned
  • Established customer base of 14K and a site that has been online for over a year
  • Opportunities for model input and collaboration, including a brand ambassador program
  • Strong model and customer support
  • Sleek, simple and easy to use UI for models and customers
  • Fully legal way to sell scat porn and other typically restricted content (vomit, blood, bondage, etc)
  • Developing technology for prevention of pirating, including digital fingerprinting and screen recording prevention
  • Categories and a search bar helps customers find videos
  • Customers can tip as little as 1 dollar
  • Optional paid or free messages and video calls including the ability to price wall photos or videos sent to you while still allowing messages (think of a dick pic tax)
  • Subscription services for videos including the ability to add different content to different price tiers with customers at higher tiers accessing all lower tiers
  • Search bar to find users if you know their username
  • Browse content fitting certain porn categories
  • Free no nudity content can be shared and will show up in the discover section
  • Anyone over 18 can make a creator account including trans models, men, and studios/groups
  • Harm reduction resources, (life, health, vision and dental) insurance options and tax prep help for American Models
  • Courses available to improve your content
  • Paid services such as editing and uploading available
  • Twitter account that hosts regular ‘townhall’ meetings using Twitter Spaces where you can give input


  • No individual clip sales

  • No search bar for clips or profiles excluding if you know their username

  • Content is locked behind a paywall unless SFW

  • Customer bank statements will show the site name, XSiteBunny so it is not good for customers with nosy partners

  • No direct support for custom videos or shipped items

  • Sign up and uploading process can be confusing for models, especially those who don’t speak English

  • Posts have a caption in text, images and/or videos and a price tiers but no other information such as category, keywords, a title, a preview etc. 

    • Previews can be made and attached as part of the content if they contain no nudity
  • Occasional glitches give content a processing error and it must be reuploaded

    • This is being fixed by the tech team
  • Platform social media accounts rarely promote creators or content specifically but rather give updates about the platform and to allow you to join in ‘townhalls’ to join discussions with the staff in twitter spaces

    • They will retweet if you tag them and the tweet advertises your profile on their site
  • You can choose from 3 pricing tiers but cannot make your own

  • Limited information on average model income or expected results for new models

What is Allowed

Thank you to Sophie Ladder for much of the information used in this section. 

Her resources can be found here: https://sophieladder.com/files/

More about Sophie and her content here: sophieladder.com

Fetish Is It Allowed?
Scat Fully Allowed
Pee Fully Allowed
Vomit Fully Allowed
Diapers Fully Allowed - adults only of course
Blood Fully Allowed
Lactation Fully Allowed
Asphyxiation Fully Allowed
Bondage Fully Allowed
Fisting Fully Allowed
Weapons Fully Allowed
Incest Roleplay Fully Allowed
Drugs / Alcohol Fully Allowed
Age-Play Allowed - no real children allowed, all models have verified their age
Kidnapping roleplay Fully Allowed
Hypnosis Fully Allowed
Large / "Animal" Dildos Fully Allowed
Animals / Bugs Beastiality Not Allowed - Animals are allowed in the background (cat walks through scene, aquarium in background, birds outside, etc). Animals cannot participate in the video sexually. Animals / Bugs can be mentioned. No harm to animals / bugs can be visible.

Site Features

Feature Currently Future
Works on Mobile Fully Functional on Mobile -
Model Accounts Model Accounts are like User Accounts with more options for uploading and setting prices. Model accounts can be used as customer accounts too. -
Customer Accounts Customers have full account switch profiles. You need an account with a verified email to buy. Customer accounts can be upgraded to creator accounts. -
Customer Messaging Messaging with all other users is available. Creators can set prices for messages, video calls and picture/video messages or turn these options off. There is no blocking feature -
View Sales and Statistics You can see all your current and future subscribers, followers and check recent post ‘likes’ in your feed. XSiteBunny Twitter keeps you up to date on the number of users on the site. You can view the following and post numbers of other models to get an idea of what is average. XSiteBunny uses market research to set subscription tier prices and recommends a certain number of posts for success (60 I believe) -
Edit and Delete Listings Models can delete videos as they wish from the dashboard and edit most features of a post. -
Close Model Account Support must be contacted to close a model account. It will be closed within 72 hours. This feature will be automated in the future to be done faster.
Social Media Integration There is not currently Social Media integration. -
Privacy Model and customer data is kept in a secure and separate place as required by law and no more. “XSite Bunny” WILL appear on customer payment bank statements and model payouts. -
Piracy Support XSiteBunny disallows any piracy in their Terms and Conditions and retains their right and the models right to pursue legal action against anyone violating this. They use digital fingerprinting on your content which may help take pirated content off other sites. Posts can not be right clicked and saved. Models retain ownership of their content. They are working on technology to be implemented which will disable the use of screen recording technology on the site.
Model Tips / Donations Tips are enabled for 1 USD or more. They are not guarantees of purchased goods and are considered gifts to creators. -
Custom Videos Some creators have customers who want custom videos. They discuss the idea and pay for them through the tipping feature. This is allowed but considered unofficial. This is done at the customers risk since tips are considered free gifts. -
Shipped Items Some creators have customers who want shipped items. They discuss the idea off site and pay for them through the tipping feature. This is allowed but considered unofficial. This is done at the customers risk since tips are considered free gifts. -
In-site Advertising Your posts that are SFW (no nudity, no scat etc) can be unlocked and then found in the ‘discover’ feed. This feed can be filtered to include certain porn categories. Your account has its own categories rather than each post. -
Off-Site Advertising Models can @ the XSiteBunny Twitter account in a tweet advertising her content there and they will retweet it. Models with 15+ posts to their account and the XSiteBunny link in their Twitter or Instagram bio can submit a high quality, no nudity image to the site and ask to have a flyer made. This will be posted to XSiteBunny’s Twitter, Instagram and in-site account feed. -
Preview Maker Previews are not supported on posts. Models can create their own previews and add them to posts as additional media along with the main video/picture. These make-shift ‘previews’ must be SFW (no nudity, no scat, etc). -
FTP Support This site does not use FTP uploading. -
Traffic to your Page XSiteBunny has 14K users as of now and updates their Twitter to show new user base milestones. It is a growing platform. -
Trans Model Friendly Any gender of creator is accepted on this site. Brand Ambassador Application forms have a field to add your pronouns so staff refer to you accurately. -
Male Models Any gender of creator is accepted on this site. -
Studio Accounts Studio and Producer Accounts are accepted. -
On Demand Payouts Payouts are done automatically every 2 weeks after cashing out on the first Friday that the model has reached 25 USD earned (the cash out is also every two weeks). Payouts cannot be made on-demand. Payouts have a $6 fee for USA bank accounts and $25 otherwise. -