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Scatisfaction#2 Why do i vomit shit ?

Actually, this was just a short "in my face piss video", in which I review my first ten videos, and tell something about me, my fetish and the surrounding. But then I noticed that the long awaited shit still wants to get out. Unfortunately, it was then too late for plastic wrap on the floor to do. No matter! The coolest things happen spontaneously. And so I'm already in the middle of the biggest bathroom cleaning action of my life to provoke.

Slowly and with pleasure, back and forth, a thick Kakke sausage fights its way out of my intestine. Maybe it was not quite time, but I was now sharp, and pressed the part out.

When the shit was finally there I wanted to feel it immediately. Mhh so nice warm and viscous mushy mhh, a shiver ran through my body and I had to push the shit back into my asshole to thank my ass cunt for the nice toy.

After these formalities, however, I could not hold back :P I wanted to spoil a cock with my shit! Slowly and with relish I pack a dildo full of my still warm shit and massage the whole dildo nice and full and then the part is wixxt. The scent of my premium shit rises again and again in my nose, and at some point I am no longer content with just sniffing it. I want the whole cock in my throat! In, and out, tein and out again, spit on it! Again pure mhhh fuck I'm excited! I know how you love to see how the fat cock stretches my throat so I fuck myself really deep in the throat and try to vomit to have more sauce. Do I succeed? Not really, because I was born to swallow, and not to spill ;) but a little stinky vomit I could elicit my stomach then but what made me very proud and even more excited.

shit on the floor, this is now eh completely filthy, so I want to enjoy it too, and rub my face in the shit, piss puke soup. Mhhh as my tits slide over the floor and everything felt disgustingly slippery was a dream mhh I want more slippery vomit spit I suck again deeptroath and rub my pussy and tits and then finally! Puke! nice light brown she runs down the cock like you like it! Mhhh look at this goddamn shit! Wonderful, I can not get enough and suck the bottom, rub my body, suck my fingers, and reinbe my pussy to then stuff the dildo in my ass.

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eat Swallowing From My Panties

Few things are as satisfying for me like taking a big and thick shit in my panties and then filming my slave EATING and SWALLOWING it in this near 32 Minute video. I get extremely aroused when watching men taking big bites into my thick turds and watching them suffer as they chew and swallow while I keep thinking how great those thick turds felt slowly sliding out of my asshole and filling my panties. It’s so amazing seeing people show such wonderful dedication eating my shit.

It all started with my slave sniffing my ass through my jeans. Since it’s been two whole days since I took a shit I decided to put my slave’s tongue to good use. My ass felt dirty and smelly anyway. So I made him spend some time licking my ass, sucking my asshole while working his tongue deep in there.

His tongue probing and massaging my smelly asshole felt really good, especially with my full bowels. It wasn’t too long before he gagged and I felt his tongue making contact with the tip of my turd in there.

Realizing just how unpleasant this must be for him I made him keep going and used my hand to push at the back of his head so he could get his tongue even deeper into my full rectum. I honestly do not care how unpleasant it is for him, what matters is it feels good for ME when his tongue makes proper contact with my shit in my ass.

Besides, it’s important his tongue lubricates with the tip of my turd as well as my asshole to ensure I can take my shit. Once I was satisfied I pulled up my sexy black panties and tight jeans and shit myself. Mainly because it feels amazing when suck thick turds fill my jeans but also because it creates a bigger mess for him to clean up with his mouth.

I could feel a big and thick chunk of my shit stuck in my ass between my ass cheeks which he had to remove and eat for me. Seeing that chunk of my shit that was removed out of my ass disappearing down his throat made me soaking wet.

But the best was when I saw just how big the shit is I pushed out into my panties and seeing him suffer as he took one large bite after another, chewing it and despite his gagging still swallowed it each and every time. It made my entire body tingle with intense pleasure!

I guess I’m some of the very few women out there who really enjoy and get turned on by watching men and sometimes even other women eat my shit :-)

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Shitting In Your Mouth Feels Wonderful

You know what it feels like after a good night out? When you over indulged the night before be eating and drinking too much?

That next day your stomach is all queasy with those cramps on your lower abdomen that gives you Goosebumps? You want to know what really helps for that?

You lay on your stomach and have someone lick your ass. This is however a very unpleasant task for the one who has to do the licking because after such a night your asshole is all smelly and gross. Not to mention the person licking is going to very likely taste a bit more than just your asshole.

Luckily I’m one of the very few women who own a male slave who was born into this world for the sole purpose of ensuring my comfort and pleasure even if it means he has to endure high levels of unpleasantness and suffering.

You will notice a few times while he is licking my ass deeply for me that I relax my asshole completely so his tongue can gain even deeper access into my ass. He mentioned that he can actually taste I need to go to the bathroom and I told him I can feel it.

But since it felt good I decided not to get up and go to the toilet but rather let him continue to eat my ass deep because it felt really good for ME at the time. Make no mistake. I was well aware he was tasting my waste back there because I felt his tongue made contact with it in my asshole. I just did not care because it felt great.

A few times he mentioned the taste is getting really nasty and strong now and I merely replied I can feel the need is also getting very strong. However I made him continue because feeling his tongue constantly probing into my waste back there felt fucking amazing. It felt so good that I moaned in pure delight.

Eventually the cramps and urge got to intense and I told him I want to take a shit in his mouth. Why would I walk all the way to the toilet while I have a perfect mouth right there by my asshole?

Like any good toilet slave he put his wide open mouth nice and tight over my asshole, ready to accept his nasty fate for my pleasure.

These hungover shits are the BEST! I could feel my turds were really thick but with that nasty warm creamy shit coating filling his mouth. Feeling him doing his best to keep up chewing and swallowing back there in perfect view of the camera only made my big bowel movement that more enjoyable. I pushed out multiple of those thick turds and the last two were really soft and creamy. I could feel him eating and swallowing it from between my ass cheeks right out of my perfect asshole.

What truly felt amazing is something that never happens. Halfway through eating he started to vomit my shit back up into my ass cheeks. Felt so warm and amazing. Especially when he started eating the vomit shit between my ass cheeks. To make sure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I shit some more for him to swallow along with the vomit shit soup sludge. Making him suffer so intensely is so arousing!

It really was a MASSIVE shit because I had very big meals and lots of drinks the previous day but he literally ate EVERYTHING for me. He is such an amazing toilet slave!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Layla Lee

good girl gone to shit!

Watch me play���¢�¯�¿�½���¦and smear..smell���¢�¯�¿�½���¦and taste���¢�¯�¿�½���¦my stinky fucking filth

Good girl gone very bad, i���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½m obsessed with my dirty shit and the smell of my stink!

Watch and listen to me push out a HUGE pile of warm smelly shit~ and see me cover myself in my own fucking filth, including my pretty little face

Play for me while I pleasure myself and hear all the dirty talk to you can stand as you shoot your fat creamy load for me!



CassieScat Eats Sophia Sprinkle's Poop + Shoots it out her Ass!

Sophia Sprinkle saved some of her perfect, soft serve poop for her friend CassieScat. She pulls down her tight, grey leggings and pushes a lovely handful of warm shit into Cassie's waiting hand. What a good, considerate friend!

Cassie sniffs the poop and shows it off, slightly green from Sophias healthy diet. But what does it taste like? Without hesitation Cassie licks it up. It's delicious! Nothing like Cassies own earthy, bitter coffee poop, rather it's sweet and warm tasting. Cassie quickly puts even more in her mouth, filling it up so she can chew and swallow it.

The girls laugh and mock toilet slaves who whine and cry and gag. It's not hard for us to eat each others delicious turds! No excuses now - Sophias shit is peer reviewed and it's excellent.

This gives Cassie a naughty idea though. Sophias shit inside her is making her so horny that she wants it even MORE inside her. We're going to make a Sophia Shit Enema.

The girls mix up Sophias poop and enema liquid, making a huge mess with their little science experiment and wondering if this will improve Cassies gut bacteria. (UPDATE! For about a month after doing this, Cassies poops smelled JUST LIKE Sophias poop. Her husband even noticed just from the way the bathroom was smelling)

With an ass full of her friends poop, Cassie gets on her hands and knees in the bathtub and releases the enema! A powerful stream of diarrhea splashes EVERYWHERE! It bounces off the wall and even gets in Sophias hair as she films it in slow motion! Oh well!

This is the final partners video filmed in a series of four videos. One video is exclusive to and another is exclusive to so make sure to buy them all!

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Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade Remote work Zoom Exhibition

Working from home today - actually I have been working remotely since covid started and today was our weekly team meeting, but today was a bit different, because the entire company would be on the video call. I decided that I was going to have some exhibitionism fun - my idea was to go onto the call with just my top on and during the presentation I had to give, I would poop live on the video feed, without them knowing.

I did just that, while during my presentation and seated in my office chair, I discreetly pushed out a big thick, cock shaped poop. I continued with my call, the hot steamy shit, just barely still touching my asshole, as it lay on the back of my chair.

I was getting turned on by now, I could smell the stinky shit, I spread my legs and started playing with my pussy, the under desk cam, capturing the pussy play. I feigned an accident, by knocking something onto the floor - i just had to get down closer to it, without anyone on cam seeing me. I get up close to the pile on the back of my chair and breathe it in, it's so stinky but it smelled so amazing at the same time. The phallic shape of the poop had me salivating, i just wanted to deep throat it so bad, so i did just that. I picked up the thick shit, wrapped my lips around it and slid it deep inside my mouth. My pussy was quivering at this point, knowing I was sucking on my own shit, with 40 people live on cam, just feet away from seeing.

I placed the shit back down on my chair and returned to the call, sitting in it, with the fullness of my body weight, causing the poopy to spread out from pussy, to butthole. After finishing my work call, with the mess spread out beneath my white thighs and tight sexy bottom, I had a final one on one, with a gentleman that I was working directly with on my most recent project. We were the only ones now on the video call. As i address him, im rubbing my shitting asshole and filthy pussy with my shit, he’s so sweet and confesses that he really likes me, I blushed and told him I had a secret to tell him, well actually show him and told him that he needed to close his eyes and that when i was ready, i would tell him. I got up, my ass totally pasted with my shit and pushed into the camera, my pink asshole in full view, my pussy lips covered in filth - pieces of shit can be seen clinging to my sexy bush as I lean over, exposing all of my hole for his awaiting gaze.

I tell him to open his eyes and ask him what he thinks. He says without hesitation, that he loves it. I ask him if his cock is hard and he replies that it is, I then ask if he's jerking it, and of course he is! Looking at my shitty ass - there was no doubt in my mind, his cock was raging hard. I then asked him if he wanted to stick it deep into the poopy butthole and if he wanted to taste it - he of course said yes. I graciously offer him an invitation to come over the next day to work on the report for work, while also shitting into his greedy shit hungry mouth. He said yes and I know you would too! The thought of consuming all my big shits, is enough to get those cocks and pussies off. Enjoy dirty boys and girls! Mia-

Goddess Tempest

Extreme Scat Swallow Without Mercy

I feel the need to warn you that the following video is a very extreme and graphic video of a extreme direct scat swallow shit feeding from my asshole down a slave’s throat. If you enjoy watching me taking a huge shit down someone’s throat and experience their agony of having to swallow everything while I ride their face with my shit smeared ass then keep reading because this video is for you.

We start off with very intense Ass Eating by my slave Devoted Sub who is no stranger to my extreme forms of Ass Eating and Toilet Slavery.

Men have to EARN their meal from my fine Female Goddess Ass. So we start off with my slave washing and cleaning my dirty and ripe asshole with his tongue. When he starts to tongue fuck my ass it starts to feel really good so I start riding his face so he can get his tongue even deeper into my unwiped ass to properly taste my waste.

I can actually feel his tongue making contact with my waste in my rectum and knowing he can taste THAT, knowing he can TASTE I have to go to the toilet makes it so much better that I ride his face harder so he can tongue fuck my asshole deeper and taste even more of my waste in my asshole. This Ass Eating and Toilet Slavery video is downright nasty and not for the faint hearted.

I get more comfortable with my asshole on his open mouth and his face buried into my naked Goddess Ass as I sit on his face with my full weight and start to take a HUGE shit into his mouth. Feeling how he keeps up swallowing as my shit slowly slides out of my asshole, over his tongue and down his throat feels fucking awesome but I want him to really suffer so I start shitting faster.

He simply can’t keep up and my shit pushed through the back of his throat into his nasal cavities and out his nose into my fine Goddess Ass crack. He can’t breathe but it feels fucking amazing and my pussy is throbbing in pure orgasmic delight so I just keep on shitting.

I must let him have some air at some point so I start riding his face so he can actually swallow a hole in his mouth to breathe through my shit. I do not stop though, while riding his face I start to cum so I start to shit into his mouth again while I keep riding his face. I can feel him eating my shit as fast as he can and to feel my shit between my fine Goddess Ass Cheeks and his face and feeling it disappear as he desperately eats it to get air only makes me cum harder and shit more.

Eventually I was empty and enjoyed my orgasms so I got up from his face and filmed it up close for you so you can also enjoy seeing his thick shit smeared face as he eats and swallows the last two mouth full loads of my shit of his face. I truly love making such orgasmic scat porn videos and love it more when all my shit are swallowed so nothing goes to waste.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest
Goddess Tempest

Swallow Goddess Shit For Your Health

Orgasmic SHIT SWALLOWING right before your very eyes! While my slave is tongue probing my Female Goddess Asshole you see me grabbing the back of his head to push his mouth deeper into my ass while you hear me say: “Yes, keep licking, I’ve got to take a shit”

I’m one of those very rare women out there who love the feeling of taking a big smelly shit in someone’s mouth. There’s just something so orgasmic about that feeling of my turd pushing someone’s tongue back from my anus and filling their mouth with shit directly from my ass that makes me insanely aroused & super horny.

But it doesn’t end with me just taking a smelly shit in his mouth. I turn around and gently put my one hand on his head to encourage him to chew and actually SWALLOW my SHIT.

I wasn’t planning on masturbating too BUT watching men eat my shit does something for my libido. My body ached so much for release I couldn’t stop myself. And why should I? It feels good to orgasm while seeing someone eat my shit. So sit back, relax and see in perfect view how I moan during my orgasmic masturbating while seeing my shit disappear down someone’s throat.

This is the most affordable video you will ever find showing actual SHIT SWALLOWING as well as female masturbation and orgasm during the act. Showing you that there are some of us who truly enjoy and appreciate you shit eating toilets out there.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Scat Massage Getting Messy While Eating

If extreme messy shit eating is what you crave that this video of over 20 minutes is just what the scat lover ordered!

If a sensual scat massage and actual shit consumption of a woman’s shit is something you love then keep reading. Nice verbal communication between man and woman in this one too just making it even more erotic.

We communicate while he is massaging me and licking my ass and he can actually taste my need to go to the toilet. Of course the communication between us leads to him offering his mouth for me to shit into. Taking a shit into someone’s mouth while laying in bed is highly erotic for me.

I am warning you though, I took a extremely big, thick, nasty and messy shit into his mouth. He managed to keep up swallowing a large portion directly from my asshole but the sheer volume and taste was just too much for any toilet to handle.

I nice and big soft portion ended up between my ass cheeks and his face. Watch him actually eating and swallowing the remaining load of my very smelly and nasty shit right out of my Goddess Ass Crack as well.

Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to take such a big shit into someone’s mouth while they lick your ass. But what feels even more amazing is that feeling of them swallowing my shit right out of my asshole and eating the rest out from my ass crack.

You are going to see amazing shit eating detail in this one but it gets even better. Watch him use his tongue to clean my ass crack and ass cheeks the best he can. As he filmed my ass close up afterwards you’ll see the tiny piece of what he thought was corn that he found on my ass cheek that came from my massive shit that he swallowed on camera. I think it’s actually a tiny piece of fibre that probably came from the green beans that was part of my many meals two days prior to this shit. Either way, he ate whatever that was that came out of my shit as well.

The entire experience of another person fully consuming the solid waste of my body that literally came out of my ass is orgasmic.

Goddess Tempest

Accountant Eats My Shit

Like I promised, new home so new exciting filming location. Notice the new furniture and carpets without any plastic sheeting? That's how much I trust my slave to keep up eating while I shit in his mouth!

I’m still amazed how turned on I got taking such a massive shit in his mouth and watching him over my shoulder chewing and struggling to swallow my huge turd. You can literally see the size my pussy has swollen during the video without me touching it. It’s impossible for me to hide how massively it turns me on taking big shits in people’s mouths and watching them actually swallow my shit. My vagina gives my arousal away every time by swelling and becoming wet on camera like in this video.

I love the element of surprise so you’ll see while he has licking my ass my facial expression suddenly change and you hear my moan verbally: “Oh yeah....I’m shitting!” I just started to shit right into his mouth without warning him lol

What made this video special was that last soft & sticky turd stuck in my ass halfway up my rectum. For the first time ever you’ll see me allow my slave to finger my ass. He gentle slipped his finger into my ass and I could feel his finger nudge the last soft shit out of my asshole, it felt really good! I then watched him closely as he put that shit of mine in his mouth and ate it. Watching him swallow the shit he just dug out of my ass made me even hornier!

With my asshole loosened up a little bit he put his mouth back there to lick me clean and I felt his tongue this time slipping into my shit smeared ass, I pushed a little and could feel that orgasmic feeling of his tongue gently digging & nudging my soft shit out into his mouth to swallow. That facial expression of mine is testimony of the insane pleasure I experienced from making even more of a mess in his mouth.

He did a pretty amazing job licking my ass clean though, considering how I kept shitting in his mouth repeatedly while he was licking my ass clean, not to mention the size of my load he ate. Once you are done looking at my wet and swollen pussy you might notice the tiny piece of Muesli stuck on my ass cheek. I eat a little Muesli these days after I eat my big meals & steaks in order to make my turds softer and easier to push out into people’s mouths. As you’ll see in this video, my creamy turds comes a little too fast sometimes, as it entered his mouth on one side it kind of escaped the other side as he could swallow fast enough. But don’t worry, like a true champ he caught and ate all of it in full view for you!

One thing is for certain. After eating such a big load of shit from Angelique’s ass this poor accountant will think again before he makes mistakes on her tax returns haha

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eating Toilet Bitch

You’ll see exactly why this particular shit eating video is so erotic for me. Not only was it quite a huge load of my shit you see sliding out of me into his mouth but it’s the communication between us while he is eating and I’m refilling his mouth. As I tell you how good it feels pushing out these big, soft and creamy turds my slave underneath mumbles with a full mouth how it doesn’t taste that good, while he is actually swallowing everything!

Try to think about what I’m doing to my poor slave here. I’m seated cowgirl style over and actual porcelain toilet with him underneath. My ass completely unwashed and I actually really need to do a “Number Two.” This means besides the fact that a loud fart or two slipped out in his face he could actually TASTE that I needed to use that porcelain toilet.

It’s fucking erotic as hell when a woman and a man is having a conversation about her bowel movements while she is shitting in his mouth and he is actually chewing and swallowing.

While swallowing my load he mentioned how tough it is staring into my ass hanging over the actual porcelain toilet while I keep shitting in his mouth. THAT is the ultimate in showing your slave how little you think of him.

Seating yourself over the actual porcelain bathroom toilet and shitting big creamy and revolting loads into his mouth to eat while telling him the reason you do this is because you don’t want to take such disgusting shits in your bathroom toilet.

It feels so erotic and naughty holding onto the cool porcelain toilet and feeling the soft mouth under your ass while your thick turds slide out of your asshole slowly. And yes, he ate EVERYTHING in full view for you AND licked my ass clean with his toilet paper tongue.

I feel sorry for my porcelain toilets and will spare it my big shitty loads but NOT my slaves. They HAVE to taste and EAT my entire bowel movements and lick me clean to thank me for their meals from my female Goddess body. No mercy for them EVER!

Be careful what you wish for, it’s one thing to taste a little bit of shit. It’s something very different CHEWING and SWALLOWING an entire load of shit from a woman’s asshole :-)

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Eating Shit In My Car

Very first time you will see me take a nasty shit right into my slave’s mouth while in my car. This was great fun and felt so naughty as I looked around at my car’s interior while feeling my ass open up and filling his mouth.

Even a beautiful Goddess sometimes have to take long trips, meaning many hours behind the wheel on the road. When a girl takes a long trip her ass will start to smell since there is virtually no airflow between her ass and the driver seat. That hot seat is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty smells between her ass cheeks. We just don’t trust those public rest rooms so on the road we will just eat but keep on driving to get home.

To all the women out there who take these long trips often I suggest you do what I do, take a loser male slave with you so he can perform some PROPER Ass Eating and Toilet Slavery duties for you the moment you get home. It’s so much fun having your ass licked clean in your very car you just completed a 13 hour trip with.

As you can see my slave is trained very well because he even thanked me for the great honour and privilege of licking my dirty asshole clean.

However, all those take out food on the road can take it’s toll on a girl and I could feel the need to use the bathroom with that very familiar urge to push and my asshole feeling like it gets very warm and tingly. But my slave’s tongue probing and tongue fucking my sensitive asshole felt so good I decided to just relax knowing he will soon enough taste and discover I really need a toilet.

Sure enough he pulled away and said that it tastes like I need to use the toilet and I confirmed that is indeed the case. It was so adorable when he asked me if I wanted to use his mouth. I mean did he honestly expect that I will let him stop licking my ass and get out of my car to walk all the way to the toilet while his mouth is in the perfect position back there?

Like any good loser toilet slave he continued licking and I could actually feel his tongue making contact back there in my ass with all the meals I ate on the road, it really felt so good that I just relaxed and enjoyed every second of it as he had to keep sticking his tongue deep into my asshole to pleasure me.

The urge and cramps to push overwhelmed me and you can clearly hear me moan and grunt in pure delight when I started shitting into his mouth. Feeling my hot, sticky and creamy shit push his tongue out of my asshole and fill his mouth almost made me cum!

My creamy turd was far too big for his mouth so some ended up sticking out which I loved because I got comfortable behind the wheel and ordering him during my laughter to EAT my shit. As you can imagine, when a girl ate so much junk food while driving all day her shit is going to smell and taste super nasty like mine did.

He stared up at me with my very smelly shit halfway poking out of his mouth with big pleading eyes. I laughed and told him I want him to actually EAT my SHIT. There is something so arousing and primal when taking a shit felt so good after holding it in the whole trip and then right after you get to see someone really struggle eating it.

While I smiled down at him from my car’s driver seat you can hear me say in a cheerful voice:

“Don’t just chew it, you have to actually swallow it”

I guess I will never be “normal” because I simply enjoy watching men eat my shit way too much!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Extreme Shit Eat Face Ride Orgasm

This was a downright cruel direct shit feed where I took a massive shit directly down his throat while riding his face to enhance my orgasm. When he started to vomit I could feel the shit he swallowed seconds earlier pushing back against my asshole. I held onto his head, pushed my soaked pussy harder into his nose and face and started to shit faster down his throat to ensure he has to swallow his vomit and my new shit back down. His gagging and vomiting while having to continue to swallow as I kept shitting down his throat just made me cum harder.

It started out with me sitting om his face so he can eat my ass. Losers like these will never be loved by beautiful women and I do feel sorry for them. That’s why I let them sniff and lick my dirty ass with my wet pussy in their faces. This way they get to taste a woman’s asshole AND smell her arousal.

But giving a loser such a treat does come at a price, MY PLEASURE of shitting down his throat. So while he is licking my ass I just start to shit in his mouth. This is also a good reminder to show him how little women think of him. As his mouth got full you will see a very long thick & soft turd escape between my ass and his lips. It felt so amazing to feel my warm shit mushed between my ass cheeks and his face. While shitting I started to ride his face and enjoying the warm mess on his face in order to climax.

But now it was time for the big moment where I sat tightly on his mouth and started to take a even bigger and softer shit, right down his throat. His vomiting didn’t even stop me, I remain seated to make him swallow it back down as I shit even more down his throat so I could cum harder.

Once I was done I lifted up a little and enjoyed feeling his tongue scoop the remaining mess of my shit out of my asshole from between my ass cheeks. But it gets even better!

I got up and filmed him up close. You’ll now see him eat that first long and thick turd you saw come out between my asshole and his full mouth. He ate the entire thing on camera! All while seeing some of my soft shit and shitty vomit stuck on his chin, it smelled so fucking GROSS even I gagged a few times while filming him consume everything. Yes, I even made him scrape that vomited smeared shit blob of his chin and filmed him eating that TOO!

He is such an amazing shit eating toilet pig! His dedication and devotion to eat women’s shit knows no bounds!

Disclaimer: Please never attempt to do what I did in this video. Shitting directly down someone’s throat in such an extreme way like I did here is really dangerous. I have been doing this for years with men and women so never attempt this.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Kitchen Shit Eating From My Asshole

True Ass Eating Toilet Slaves will admit there is nothing quite as erotic as watching their superior female owner preparing wonderful smelling food in the kitchen as she then present her slave with her amazing gorgeous ass to worship. This is the truest form of Female Domination as the gorgeous women bends over her gas stove while he has to perform Ass Eating on her. Smelling and tasting her asshole as she squirm and moan in pure ecstasy and delight. But what can possibly be more erotic?

The fact that you can taste she needs a toilet as you probe your tongue deeper into her sweaty asshole. Only true Toilet Slaves can appreciate the exquisite taste of a woman’s waste in her asshole on their tongue and continue licking her ass deep so she can relax even more.

And as he feels her asshole open up against his tongue he keeps his mouth right there for her to shit into. Can you imagine the amazing experience? Smelling the aroma of cooking food in the oven while staring up at your dominant female owner’s ass crack as her beautiful body contract in pure relief and delight and that thick, creamy turd slowly slide into your mouth. All while hearing her soft grunts and moans of pleasure from taking such a massive shit in your mouth.

I love how he admits how appropriate it is that the nice food in the oven is for ME and that he must eat what comes out of me after I’m done with it.

My slave was suffering as he was chewing and swallowing my first very tick turd as my second turd was dangling out of my stretched open asshole. He was such a gentleman that he supported my second turd hanging out of my ass with his fingers while swallowing the first one. He desperately needed mercy as he asked me if he really has to eat the second one as well. It was fun telling him he of course has to eat everything. I could feel the movement in my asshole as he took my second dangling turd into his mouth and I pushed it out further.

The second one was a was a very big one and felt so amazing as it was slowly sliding out of me into his mouth. It was just way too much to all fit in there so he had to keep most of it in his hand and eat it from there.

But he wasn’t even halfway through with the second turd when he had to lick my ass and I emptied myself. The next turds were very creamy and soft and even though he managed to keep up well with directly swallowing his mouth eventually overflowed and you can see and hear a little of my mushy shit falling and plopping to the floor.

To be totally honest I didn’t expect him to be able to eat everything. It’s really been a long time since I was able to shit such a massive load.

It was so fucking awesome to see him consume my entire load since it was so huge. That kind of devotion really deserved a reward so I let him lick and tongue fuck my shit smeared asshole clean so he can experience the honor of tasting my shit longer and give me more pleasure.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eaters Are Girls Best Friends

Make a girl feel safe and special by sitting on comfort on your face while you lick her ass and she will gladly take a big stinky shit right in your mouth as a reward for your devotion. You’ll LOVE this video because you get to see up close and personal how I take a massive smelly shit into a man’s mouth AND watch him eat ALL my shit, bite for bite. Men eating my shit directly out of my anus is something very intimate and special for me.

It’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE people who lick my ass, especially when I need to take a big shit like in this video. Anybody who wish to serve me knows that more often than not I will be taking a shit in their mouth while they are licking my ass. I do this for multiple reason. It’s to remind you who I am but it’s also about so much more.

I enjoy the feeling of my first turd pushing your tongue out of my ass back into your mouth as I fill it. Personally, it’s better than sex for me. That feeling of your gagging as you swallow my shit drives me insane with pleasure. The fact that it tastes revolting is a added bonus, it arouses me even more when you keep chewing and swallowing.

After you see my poor slave swallow multiple turds sliding out of my asshole into his mouth you get to see something even more special. With the last thick turd still in his mouth he mumbled the suggestion I film him up close chewing and swallowing it.

His devotion of wanting the whole world to see how he swallows my smelly shit is so admirable. Especially since the smell of this load of my shit was truly revolting, you’ll notice even I gagged while filming him up close eating my shit. It’s the weirdest thing for me being so horny and gagging at the same time lol

Watching such large amounts of my shit being eaten and swallowed directly will make you cum hard all over this video :-)

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Goddess Tempest

Eat My Shit For The Job

“Please don’t shit in my mouth” is exactly how the poor guy desperate for a job begged the female interviewer. However, the girl doing the interview did EXACTLY that! To make things worse, she was on the phone with one of her girlfriends telling her step by step how she is taking a shit right into the poor guy’s mouth. She kept her friend on the phone the entire time while feeding the guy from her asshole.

As the guy was eating and swallowing her shit she and her girlfriend were laughing as she described over the phone how this guy is so desperate for a job that he was LITERALLY eating and swallowing all her shit!

She particularly loved it when he struggled to swallow but she enjoyed his desperation even more. When she felt him starting to eat the piece of turd that was still stuck halfway in her asshole between her butt cheeks. So like a true bitchy brat she moaned in pleasure and delight as she pushed out a second turd into his mouth.

The girl was really starting to enjoy watching the guy eating and swallowing her shit in true desperation. But even more impressive was how he spread her ass cheeks to reveal her dirty smeared asshole and nasty shit stuck to her ass and inner butt cheeks. So he started to lick it clean!

She verbally kept describing all his shit eating and ass cleaning actions to her girlfriend over the phone. This was indeed one of the more impressive shit eating videos. Not only do you get to see a woman’s entire bowel movement being consumed in full view but you also get to see her ass being licked clean before your very eyes. THAT is true dedication right there!

So did the girl give the poor guy the job? Watch the video and find out :-)

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Goddess Tempest

Immigrant Eats Woman's Shit

Poor immigrants have a tough life. They have to do whatever it takes not to be deported by their rich employers. Even if it means eating your employer’s wife’s shit! I am warning you in advance, this is a half hour video of very extreme and intense shit eating and messy shitty tongue fucking of my asshole. Since he ate a big meal from my ass he showed his gratitude by licking my entire bottom and asshole sparkling clean afterwards.

Nobody ever said life was fair for poor people. Luckily as a very rich woman I have all sorts of perks and can treat poor people like garbage, or better yet. Treat them like they are nothing more than toilets! The poor immigrant knows that as a rich woman I can just snap my fingers and have him deported back to his own country where he will be living on the streets. Since I’m rich it makes me powerful and I can make him do whatever I like.

Watch as I make him lick my stinky unwashed ass. He gets more than he bargained for because his tongue went so deep it relaxed my bowels and rectum, perhaps a little too much. He could taste that I needed to use the toilet. I refused because I’m a beautiful rich woman and I WANT him to experience that nasty taste. So I tell him he has to keep licking and as a poor immigrant he has no choice but to suffer this horrible nasty fate of humiliation.

I told this pathetic poor penniless immigrant that this time while he was licking my asshole I was going to just take a big shit right into his mouth that he must eat unless he wants to be deported. I took a really big and smelly shit in his mouth that quickly turned messy. I laughed in his face when he gagged as he chewed and swallowed ALL my shit. When he put his tongue back in my ass to scoop out the last shit I started to shit more, soft and mushy. I just LOVE that feeling of soft shit sliding out of my asshole overflowing a mouth. He had no choice but to eat ALL of that shit too.

He had to insert his finger into my asshole as I pushed out more shit for him to eat, the poor guy got a massive shit meal. He commented on the corn in my shit that he was chewing and it’s so fucking satisfying knowing the corn I ate yesterday is being eating AGAIN, strait out of my ass. He spent quite some time licking my messy bottom clean. He had to lick all my nasty & sticky shit off my ass cheeks and he had to lick my asshole hard to get it clean. The disgusting things poor people will do for us rich women is quite amazing and it felt fucking great doing this to another person.

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Goddess Tempest

Shit Eating Doctor

This doctor literally eats shit & turds right out of his female patient’s asses before your very eyes! Doctor Sniffstra is a one of a kind of doctor who goes the extra mile to diagnose digestive problems of his female patients.

This doctor believes that women are Princesses and their health is his first priority. The young female patient is very shy at first when he explains that he will need to lick her ass to make a diagnoses. He puts her mind at ease quickly though and soon she is making faces and noises of pure heavenly delight as his tongue is probing and tasting her little asshole.

It doesn’t take long before the doctor tells her he can taste that she needs to have a bowel movement. Embarrassed she wants to go to the bathroom but the amazing doctor explains she needs to poop in his mouth. He explains to the shocked young woman he needs to eat her poop to diagnose her condition by it’s texture and taste.

Despite being extremely shy by the idea she listens to the good doctor and you will enjoy seeing her back arch and her face of pure relief and delightful pleasure as she slowly takes a shit in the doctor’s mouth.

Steadily the doctor eats her shit as she shyly bites her lower lip, enjoying feeling her shit being eaten out of her ass more than she anticipated. The doctor then proceed to insert a finger into her rectum, digging out the last of her shit which he sucks of his finger and swallows as well.

He then ever so gently licks her ass clean for her before he makes his diagnoses. This doctor is amazing and I can recommend and woman to visit him if she has digestive problems. He actually puts you so much as ease that while he licks your ass and eats your shit you just might climax like the young female patient in the video did :-)

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Comfortable Shit Eating

I had a LOT of different meals the past few days so you’ll see me take a very big shit of multiple turds into a man’s mouth to eat. Every next turd I pushed out had a slightly different feel and texture and each one became creamier and softer than the one before. He really suffered to eat and swallow everything under me. And one point he started to beg me to please stop shitting:

“Goddess it’s too much!”

And I sadistically replied:

“Too bad, you still have to eat it”

You see when I take such massive shits, I concentrate on how good it feels when those turds slide out of me and I expect ALL of it to be eaten.

At one point where I pushed out yet ANOTHER turd into his mouth from my asshole he begged and mumbled for mercy and I again joyfully ordered:

“Eat it!”

That’s one thing about me. Each turd feels good to push out so I want each one to be swallowed.

It was after around the third big turd he swallowed that he started pleading for me to stop because he couldn’t take any more. That made me soooo wet hearing his agony and I just laughed and told him that it’s too bad because there is definitely more coming.

The moment I felt him put his mouth back over my asshole I pushed AGAIN and by now my shit has gone softer and I felt and even heard a thick mass of my soft shit filling his mouth. It felt soo good I thought I was going to cum.

To show his gratitude of being fed such a large meal from my ass he did what any good toilet will do. He cleaned my ass with his tongue. If you had the privilege to eat a woman’s shit directly out of her you must count your blessings and lick her ass clean afterwards to show her how thankful you are being her toilet.

Make sure you also make her feel special. Do what this guy in the video did. After you licked her clean you THANK her and tell her what an honor it was being her toilet and eating her shit for her.

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Elegant but Filthy

Here is another 50 minute video for your jerking pleasure! I�m sure you have injured your cock already by masturbating to my disgusting videos. You filthy fucking pig! This video has all the best parts of me. I�m even on my period when I made this show. But you can see that I�m dressed very elegantly�but my master absolutely destroys me. Things start gently�but as soon as he has me start fucking my ass�it gets crazy! I reach in deep with my hand to pull out all the shit that is hiding inside. Then I try something new�I put the shit back inside my ass and fuck it hard. It�s super messy. �And what do you think happens next? A yummy milk enema�which I promptly mix with my piss and drink. I have an iron stomach�can your wife or girlfriend do this? NO WAY! But what goes in, must come out�so I fuck my throat until my stomach explodes with the shit, piss, and milk that I�ve put inside me.

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eating Toilet Bitch 2

At one point I held my shit so a thick creamy turd was hanging halfway out of my stretched open asshole and I told him I’d be even more proud of him if he also ate the shit that’s still stuck in my ass. I LOVE that feeling when they bite into and chew on a turd that is still halfway up my ass.

Keep reading because this shit eating video of mine WILL make you CUM!...

“I must be the luckiest man alive that I get to lick Goddess Tempest’s ass”

Those were the words of my toilet bitch as he was eating my sweaty and smelly ass. In this shit eating video I even farted a little bit when he was licking my ass clean. It’s the entire mind set of Toilet Slavery when it comes to people licking my ass that turns me on. The can see the actual porcelain toilet where my fine Goddess Ass is never seated while they lick and clean my ass with their inferior slave tongue.

Most fun part is we are in the bath tub with my slave on his knees behind me enduring the smell and taste of my dirty ass. The very bath tub that I could’ve used to wash my ass but instead he is kneeling behind me in it licking my ass clean. This helps him accept his role as a lowly Shit Eating toilet bitch.

It’s a fun hobby of mine, turning men into my SHIT EATING TOILET BITCHES and making them wash my dirty Goddess ass with their tongues afterwards.

While he licks my ass I start to shit into his mouth. Why? Because I can and I want to. And when I shit then people eat, it’s that simple.

In this video during my moaning and grunting you also get to see my entire Goddess body contract in pure pleasure and delight as I take a shit directly into my toilet bitch’s mouth. Each chewing and swallowing scene of my shit that slid out of my asshole filmed to perfection for your orgasmic masturbation pleasure.

I don’t know what turns me on more. Making people eat my shit or knowing there are so many people from all around the world watching me shit in a mouth and making the person eat it. You’ll see how he managed to swallow some creamy chunks of my turd whole.

He even shows you the actual ugly porcelain toilet I never use and in his words: “Because I’m her little TOILET BITCH!”

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Goddess Tempest

Mrs Claus Shit Eating Elf

I literally held in my shit a few days in order to be able to take a long and big shit for you and bring you a messy shit eating video this Holiday Season! I really enjoyed making this video for you and I was very excited as we set everything up and I knew I was going to take such a wonderful shit in someone’s mouth in just a few minutes. Keep reading to see just how dirty this scat eating video got!

Jingles the Elf was VERY NAUGHTY! He did the nasty with Sandy the girl Elf and Rudolf the red nose reindeer broke loose and trashed all the toys in Santa’s factory. So Santa Claus had to go fix up the factory and he left Mrs Claus in charge of punishing Jingles the naughty Elf. She decided the best punishment EVER would be to make Jingles lick her mystical ass so she can relax and get ready to take a huge shit in his little naughty Elf mouth.

Trust me, Mrs Claus eats all sorts of cookies all year long so when SHE takes a shit you can be damn sure it’s going to be a HUGE bowel movement! You know when you take those massive shits? The first few turds are thick and firm but as you keep shitting your shit becomes warmer and softer sliding out of your ass.

The same thing happened to Mrs Claus because she was taking such a massive dump in Jingles mouth. Luckily his little Elf mouth was right by Mrs Claus’s asshole or else she would’ve made a huge mess all over Santa’s favourite chair!

You’ll see a little bit of very soft shit mixed with her virginal cum running down Mrs Claus’s leg from her ass. Yeah, I actually started to orgasm while I was taking this big shit in his mouth. Holding in my shit so long and finally feeling out sliding out of my ass filling his mouth and feeling him eat it got too much and I started to CUM while filling his mouth one last time. My milk coloured virginal discharge during my orgasm spurted onto my leg during my orgasm. That’s why he had to grab my thigh in order to steady me during my orgasm while I was shitting in his mouth.

Towards the end it got a really shitty shit soup mess between Jingles mouth and Mrs Claus’s ass. Poor Jingles ate ALL her shit and even managed to lick out most of the shitty mess between Mrs Claus’s butt cheeks as he tongue washed her mystical asshole.

But not only do I give you this very erotic and dirty half hour shit eating video. I actually am selling this half hour video for a mere $19.99! YUP! I knocked off $10 from this 30 minute clip. That is my Holiday gift to you, my loyal fans.

I LOVE shitting in people’s mouth and watching them eat all my shit and I can only do this because of YOUR continued support. That is why I’m selling this clip at such a low price. At the end of the video I also thank all of you watching my scat and shit eating videos personally. You guys are all so amazing. I love all of you so please be safe on your travels this Holiday Season.

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Orgasmic Mouth Shit Swallowing

As a new year’s gift for 2022 I’m going to show you how horny it makes me when my shit is eaten. Every now and then I like to SHOW people that I really am turned on by men eating my shit directly out of my ass. That’s where videos like this one comes in. One of the camera angles shows you the action of my ass filling my slave’s mouth BUT it also gives you a clear view of my vagina. Throughout the video you’ll see I don’t touch my pussy BUT still you see the moment my slave licks my ass and I start shitting into his mouth my pussy start swelling to nearly three times it’s original size from arousal. It’s fucking orgasmic when I make people eat all my shit.

Part of what makes my pussy throb and drip is when they struggle and tell me my shit takes really horrible. Having the power to grant them mercy by stopping but instead I laugh and tell them they must continue eating. When I start shitting more in their mouths and feel my shit sliding out it’s like it’s an orgasmic experience like none other.

Don’t you just love how each time my poor slave managed to chew and swallow a turd I present him with ANOTHER one poking out of my asshole, enticing him to bite into it so I can push out more for him? Seeing my pussy swelling bigger while another turd pokes out of your ass should be motivation enough for you to eat it so I can experience even more pleasure. You all should be so lucky!

I am one of the very few women in the world who gets highly aroused from taking a shit into another person’s mouth, even more if I can see and feel them eating it. It’s erotically orgasmic on a whole other level. Nothing leaves me more satisfied than when I emptied my bowels down someone’s throat and filled their tummies. That is why I expect my ass to be licked clean afterwards as a form of respect and gratitude.

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Scat Doctor 2 - Toilet Chair Feeding

The beautiful female scat doctor is back! Today she is treating one of her patients again with her revolutionary medical treatment of having her patients lick her ass and eat her shit to restore the correct bacteria in their system.

What makes this more than just a regular shit eating video is to see the deep love and care the female doctor shows her patient while he eats her shit under her in her toilet chair. She holds his hands tenderly while slowly taking a MASSIVE shit right into his mouth.

She is still human after all and she can’t help but moan and grunt in pure pleasure from taking such a huge shit into her patient’s mouth. You can see on the natural pooping face she is making that it feels really good sliding out of her.

Her compassion and care shows as she is very verbal, talking to her patient while shitting in his mouth, encouraging him to keep chewing and swallowing her shit and motivating him by telling him how proud she is of him and how good a patient he is.

Just as he swallows the last bit of her massive turd she start pushing again and her patient see her asshole opening again. He quickly puts his mouth over her dirty asshole and you can hear a very wet and creamy load of shit now filling the patient’s mouth as the beautiful female doctor moan in pure delight and relief from emptying her colon down her patient’s throat.

She tenderly squeeze the patient’s hands as a form of encouragement to keep swallowing. You can hear the patient mumbling with a mouth full of shit to her that she is really shitting a LOT.

She apologizes for shitting so much but reminds him it is for his own health benefit. The patient manages to consume her entire second load as well. She then gently reminds him there is no toilet paper in her medical practice so he has to lick her ass clean for her.

You will search far to find a female doctor who is more caring. She shares something very private and intimate with her patients by using them as toilets so they can eat her shit to improve their health. She is a beautiful scat feeder with a heart of gold.

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Massive Diarrhea Drinking Enema

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING!

I put in a clear water solution for a few hours until I can feel it is really getting very urgent. The liquid diarrhea enema that comes out of my ass then is so revolting that t stinks up the bathroom for HOURS!

It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhea enema into his mouth.

You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me!

The more I shit the stronger the revolting smell becomes and the more he gags while drinking it under me. He can actually hear the quiver in his voice as he tells me it is starting to taste really bad. I just laugh and tell him it’s not my problem and he must get ready because there is more coming. You can literally SEE my diarrhea splashing around in his mouth!

At one point my diarrhea hot him strait in the face! Right on his lips! He eagerly opened his mouth to be filled by my raw sewage right out of my ass. Felt amazing!

I absolutely love how my liquid diarrhea enema turned into soft runny shits in the end. That was actually old shit stick in my colon that got loosened up and it smelled horrible but felt so fucking good feeling it sliding out of my asshole noisily and running down his throat as he struggled to keep up swallowing. It felt so good for me, this should become a law that allow all woman to use all men this way.

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Goddess Tempest

Tongue Fuck Scat Eating

Stick your tongue up my ass and win a prize! A nasty brown prize that is! I wanted to do something new and different in today’s scat porn video filled with climax, asshole tongue fucking while shitting in the mouth and amazing shit eating and swallowing.

If you are uncertain if I really enjoy taking a huge shit into someone’s mouth while they are tongue fucking my asshole then watch my pussy in the close up view from beneath. With every push, every thick turd you see sliding out of my asshole filling his mouth my pussy swells bigger with arousal.

It makes me so fucking horny when I feel my shit pushing someone’s tongue out of my ass and I feel their mouth being filled by my nasty thick shit. You can actually see the dent his tongue left in my thick turd sticking out of my asshole.

You will see my slave eat my entire shitload of multiple thick and juicy turd. NOTHING feels as good as taking these massive shits into men’s mouths and making them eat ALL of it. I LOVE it when men eat my shit and after every turd he chewed and struggle to swallow he pushes his tongue back up my shitty ass. Just to discover there is another thick and creamy turd waiting and it feels so fucking good to fill someone’s mouth again and again knowing he has to taste and eat all of it.

You will love the close-up scenes of my asshole filling his mouth as you see my pussy growing larger from my arousal and seeing him chew and swallow my turds, one mouthful after another.

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Goddess Tempest

Scat Face Fuck Shit Eater

Very messy face shitting and scat swallowing face riding orgasm video where you see me taking a gigantic shit. You’ll see my tight anus stretched open wider than ever before in order to push these thick and creamy turds out.

I get instant orgasms from taking a big shit on someone’s face and into their mouth as I sit and ride their face. Feeling the person’s face literally push into my massive load of shit in my ass cheeks as I orgasms is out of this world!

You’re going to enjoy seeing and actually hearing my massive creamy shit load sliding out of my asshole into his mouth and over his face as I ride his face while shitting and obtaining multiple orgasms in the process

Enjoy seeing one of my creamy turds poking out of my asshole as he guides into with his tongue right into his mouth just as I sit down and start riding his face.

See how the shit slowly slide out of my asshole right into his nostrils! I literally even took a shit right up his stupid nose!

I felt so fucking awesome making such I dirty mess on his face that it was easy for me to cum repeatedly during this shitty mess without even touching my pussy.

What is always amazing for me is the different colors and textures in a single bowel movement due to the different foods I ate meaning my slave also gets a variety of smells and tastes in my shit. I didn’t allow him to taste my pussy cream as I started to cum repeatedly as he is not worthy BUT at least he got to eat and swallow my entire shit load of multiple creamy turds to ensure I could cum harder and longer.

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Goddess Tempest

Gamer Girl Shit In Mouth

Are you into gamer girls who are into racing games and having people lick their asses while they shit in their mouths?

You are? Then you are in luck! Meet Denise, she is the ultimate kinky gamer girl who LOVES playing racing games, even though she quite frankly sucks at them. Or does she?

Maybe it was because while she was playing the Rally Championship Racing Game on her gaming laptop there was a guy under her licking her ass.

Sticking his tongue up her asshole perhaps felt so good it maybe broke her concentration. Perhaps she thought it would put him off if she started to shit. But you will never guess what happened!

The guy is so in love with her that he kept his mouth there! You will witness Denise playing her racing game while taking an actual shit right into the poor guy’s mouth!

Watch how Denise’s beautiful gamer girl body contract in pure pleasure and delight from pushing out these long and thick turds right into the guy’s mouth. The guy is so in love with her he decides to eat her shit!

Clearly Denise sensed this because he was still struggling to swallow the first log when she suddenly start to shit AGAIN! She must really be having a really good time! Now with one turd halfway chewed down his throat he has a second big log sticking out of his mouth.

He really suffered but kept on chewing and swallowing in perfect view for you when Denise start shitting AGAIN! A third, softer turd suddenly start appearing between her ass cheeks as it makes it’s stinky way out of her sexy gaming girl asshole. The poor dude AGAIN keeps his mouth wide open so the softer log can drop right into it. He eats that at well just so Denise can have a good time.

What is also amazing is you can actually spot some partially digested corn in her shit. How amazing is it to think corn that was chewed and ingested by this beautiful gamer girl and now that it comes out of her ass in her shit someone gets to chew and taste that very same corn AGAIN? I’ll admit you’ll probably not taste much of the corn flavor because the taste of shit will be over powering but still.

She may not be the best gamer when it comes to racing games but she sure is a top notch shitter!

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Goddess Tempest

Eating My Shit While I Cum

It was out of this world making direct eye contact while having my intense orgasm in his face as he was eating my huge shit right out of my Goddess ass.

After holding my shit in for more than two days I was so excited of knowing I was about to have the sweet relief of taking a big shit that it turned me on a lot. By the time I pulled up my legs so my slave’s mouth can have better access to me fine asshole I was already soaking wet with the aching urge to push AND masturbate.

His tongue barely made contact with my anus before it opened up and a tick creamy turd started to slowly slide out of my ass over his eager tongue into his open mouth as I rubbed and fingered my soaking wet & throbbing pussy right in his face.

You get to see a variety of facial expressions from me as I started to cum WHILE taking a huge shit in his mouth. As I contract and twitch in orgasmic delight from starting to cum hard I also had a painful pooping face expression. We made eye contact during my orgasms BUT more importantly.

We made eye contact as I watched him eat large amounts of my shit while fingering and rubbing my pussy right in his face. Seeing him suffer as he smelled and swallowed my shit only made me cum harder right in front of him.

He should thank his lucky starts some of my pussy juice leaked and pumped out of my pussy over my turds as it slowly slid out of my asshole into his mouth.

Can you imagine the feeling? Looking a beautiful woman in the eyes while she is taking a huge shit in your mouth while smelling her arousal with her throbbing wet soaked pussy right there in your face as she masturbate and orgasm repeatedly.

I am not ashamed to admit it makes me cum hard when I can look people in the eye while they struggle to eat and swallow all my shit. It’s not like I have to taste it, I just get to enjoy the intense pleasure of it all.

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