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POV: Evil Step Mommy Gets Toilet Slave Revenge

Your evil stepmom Cassie comes to see you to tell you why she tied you up in the bathroom. She tells you she read your some entries of your diary. You're embarrassed cause those entries were scenario coming from your imagination starring your stepmom herself... damn. She tells you it's really inappropriate of you doings so. You've been tied like that for a few days, you're thirsty & you're hungry. Cassie can't be that cruel & leave you alone like that. What will be her punishment?

She starts undressing herself in front of you until she's completely naked. She puts her ass close to your face & starts farting. You see her pussy is full of cream as she enjoys doing it. She turns around, spread her pussy lips & starts pissing on you. After all, you were thirsty weren't you? She pisses in a glass containing two strawberries. She then feeds you those two piss drenched fruits. When you're done she makes you drink the rest of the glass.

You think that's over? No she isn't done, far from it. You said you were hungry right? Cassie takes a nice dump on two pieces of bread to make you a nice shitty sandwich. When she's done she puts her finger right inside her asshole and makes you lick it. She complete your sandwich by adding two ingredients: pussy cream & pussy hair.

It's not over though, if you wanna get untied, Cassie orders you to do one final thing - make a special dessert recipe all by yourself under her instruction. Will you do it or stay tied up for the rest of your life?

Toilet Mistress Wael
Toilet Mistress Wael
Toilet Mistress Wael

Humiliating Shit Eating and Piss Torture

Two distinct but equally disturbing shit and piss torture techniques BROKE MY SLAVE into convulsions this time.

First by pissing into my slave's panty covered mouth and FACE SITTING him I got my slave to try and quit on several occasions but I dragged him by his hair back to the stool each and every time until I was finished with my WATERBOARDING PISSING INTERROGATION TECHNIQUE.

After a brief bit of foot worship while soaked in my piss and TEETERING ON THE EDGE OF MADNESS I sent my slave to the bathroom to wait for me as I sat and sipped on my coffee giving him time to think about what was coming next.

He didn't have to think for very long. I followed him in to the bathroom and squatted over his face as he reached up to my asshole to make a perfect TOILET MOUTH hole for my liquid like wet shit as it filled him from his throat to the top of his lips.

The SHIT EATING TORMENT begins when I simply sit on the toilet sipping coffee and laughing at my slave as my shit starts to liquify in his mouth. As my liquid spit filled shit coalesced in the back of his throat I made him speak causing his vocal chords to open his throat and allow my shit to SLIDE INTO HIS STOMACH causing my slave to freak out and there's a nice UNCONTROLLABLE BODY SPASM that you'll see at this moment.

The HUMILIATION grows as shit bubbles begin to form in his mouth every time he tries to cry or speak. At which point I just leave him there to SUFFER and SWALLOW until his next feeding

Mistress Wael

Twitter: @FemDom_Bangkok

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eat Swallowing From My Panties

Few things are as satisfying for me like taking a big and thick shit in my panties and then filming my slave EATING and SWALLOWING it in this near 32 Minute video. I get extremely aroused when watching men taking big bites into my thick turds and watching them suffer as they chew and swallow while I keep thinking how great those thick turds felt slowly sliding out of my asshole and filling my panties. It’s so amazing seeing people show such wonderful dedication eating my shit.

It all started with my slave sniffing my ass through my jeans. Since it’s been two whole days since I took a shit I decided to put my slave’s tongue to good use. My ass felt dirty and smelly anyway. So I made him spend some time licking my ass, sucking my asshole while working his tongue deep in there.

His tongue probing and massaging my smelly asshole felt really good, especially with my full bowels. It wasn’t too long before he gagged and I felt his tongue making contact with the tip of my turd in there.

Realizing just how unpleasant this must be for him I made him keep going and used my hand to push at the back of his head so he could get his tongue even deeper into my full rectum. I honestly do not care how unpleasant it is for him, what matters is it feels good for ME when his tongue makes proper contact with my shit in my ass.

Besides, it’s important his tongue lubricates with the tip of my turd as well as my asshole to ensure I can take my shit. Once I was satisfied I pulled up my sexy black panties and tight jeans and shit myself. Mainly because it feels amazing when suck thick turds fill my jeans but also because it creates a bigger mess for him to clean up with his mouth.

I could feel a big and thick chunk of my shit stuck in my ass between my ass cheeks which he had to remove and eat for me. Seeing that chunk of my shit that was removed out of my ass disappearing down his throat made me soaking wet.

But the best was when I saw just how big the shit is I pushed out into my panties and seeing him suffer as he took one large bite after another, chewing it and despite his gagging still swallowed it each and every time. It made my entire body tingle with intense pleasure!

I guess I’m some of the very few women out there who really enjoy and get turned on by watching men and sometimes even other women eat my shit :-)

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Goddess Tempest

Shitting In Your Mouth Feels Wonderful

You know what it feels like after a good night out? When you over indulged the night before be eating and drinking too much?

That next day your stomach is all queasy with those cramps on your lower abdomen that gives you Goosebumps? You want to know what really helps for that?

You lay on your stomach and have someone lick your ass. This is however a very unpleasant task for the one who has to do the licking because after such a night your asshole is all smelly and gross. Not to mention the person licking is going to very likely taste a bit more than just your asshole.

Luckily I’m one of the very few women who own a male slave who was born into this world for the sole purpose of ensuring my comfort and pleasure even if it means he has to endure high levels of unpleasantness and suffering.

You will notice a few times while he is licking my ass deeply for me that I relax my asshole completely so his tongue can gain even deeper access into my ass. He mentioned that he can actually taste I need to go to the bathroom and I told him I can feel it.

But since it felt good I decided not to get up and go to the toilet but rather let him continue to eat my ass deep because it felt really good for ME at the time. Make no mistake. I was well aware he was tasting my waste back there because I felt his tongue made contact with it in my asshole. I just did not care because it felt great.

A few times he mentioned the taste is getting really nasty and strong now and I merely replied I can feel the need is also getting very strong. However I made him continue because feeling his tongue constantly probing into my waste back there felt fucking amazing. It felt so good that I moaned in pure delight.

Eventually the cramps and urge got to intense and I told him I want to take a shit in his mouth. Why would I walk all the way to the toilet while I have a perfect mouth right there by my asshole?

Like any good toilet slave he put his wide open mouth nice and tight over my asshole, ready to accept his nasty fate for my pleasure.

These hungover shits are the BEST! I could feel my turds were really thick but with that nasty warm creamy shit coating filling his mouth. Feeling him doing his best to keep up chewing and swallowing back there in perfect view of the camera only made my big bowel movement that more enjoyable. I pushed out multiple of those thick turds and the last two were really soft and creamy. I could feel him eating and swallowing it from between my ass cheeks right out of my perfect asshole.

What truly felt amazing is something that never happens. Halfway through eating he started to vomit my shit back up into my ass cheeks. Felt so warm and amazing. Especially when he started eating the vomit shit between my ass cheeks. To make sure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I shit some more for him to swallow along with the vomit shit soup sludge. Making him suffer so intensely is so arousing!

It really was a MASSIVE shit because I had very big meals and lots of drinks the previous day but he literally ate EVERYTHING for me. He is such an amazing toilet slave!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Goddess Tempest

Good Husbands Eats Wives Shit

If you enjoy actual scenes of men eating shit directly out of their wives asses and seeing them perform actual chewing and swallowing of the woman’s turds then this video is a must have for you!

It shows you the love and passion Scat and Toilet Slavery can bring between a couple. I also make use of the chance to show you what I consider the perfect marriage. Good husbands kneel and lick their wife’s ass first then in the morning, washing her asshole with his tongue.

But this does have the tendency to stir a woman’s bowels and like Melissa tells her husband in the video when he mentioned to her it tastes like she needs to go to the bathroom:

“Yes, I need to shit. I think I’ll just do it in your mouth”

And like the perfect husband he replies:

“Yes my love”

He then opens his mouth wide and places it tenderly over her asshole so she can relieve herself right into his mouth. She moans in pure delight as she takes a big shit in his mouth and she even hold his hand for moral support while watching him chew and swallow her shit in full view of all of you.

With this video I manage to show women how deep the connection can become when letting your husband lick your ass and eat your shit.

To the men out there. As you can see in this video eating and swallowing your wife’s shit is no easy task BUT by performing this act you show her how deeply you care for HER and everything that comes out of her PERFECT female body.

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Goddess Tempest

Scat Doctor Shit Swallowing

If seeing men literally eating a woman’s shit right out of her ass and you enjoy seeing them struggle to chew and swallow her entire bowel movement on camera then “Scat Doctor Shit Swallowing” is a scat eating video you can’t afford to miss!

The female doctor by the name of Dr. Monica Morrison use very unique ways to cure her patients digestive problems. Her own studies found the best way to cure digestive problems with patients is to have them lick and eat her smelly ass. The natural bacteria in a healthy woman’s asshole helps to cure digestive problems for patients. That is why she never wash her ass. It is so they can lick and digest her bacteria right from her healthy anus. If there was more such caring female doctors who are willing to help mankind by letting them lick her unwashed ass and going to the toilet in their mouths the world would be a better place.

She is so caring in fact that she always eat large healthy meals to ensure she can take big shits in her patient’s mouths to cure them. Today was no exception as our female hero doctor takes a very big, slow and satisfying shit into the mouth of her patient. She does this while explaining the benefits of what she is doing to you.

But she is only human after all she is not able to hide her facial expressions and moans of pure delighted pleasure and relief from taking such a big creamy shit into the patient’s mouth. The patient is a good one willing to listen to his doctor as he chew and swallow her entire load of shit in full view for you, right out of her ass!

This patient got so much respect for his doctor that he even cleans up her ass with his mouth after he finished swallowing ALL her shit.

You cannot deny what an amazing person this female doctor is by sharing such private and intimate bodily functions with her patients and letting them eat her shit so they can get healthy again.

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Goddess Tempest

Bicycle Scat Swallow

Most unique actual scat / shit swallowing you will ever see. I think all women should have amazing male toilet slaves like mine. Ever seen a woman shitting into someone’s mouth while she is working out and busy to cycle on a workout bike?

This is why this video is unique. Women in general need a tiny but more stimulation to get things going and what better way than having someone lick our sweaty asses right after a workout.

I asked my slave to smell and he confirmed my ass is really sweaty and smelly, he can actually smell the anal odour through my gym shorts. I gave him the huge honour by pulling my shorts down and moving my fine ass closer to his face so he can lick it clean for me while I remained seated in comfort on my workout bike. His tongue felt really good going deep into my asshole, cleaning it out deep for me.

It wasn’t long before he told me he can actually taste that I need to go to the toilet. I can only imagine tasting a woman’s nasty and dirty waste right in her asshole must be very unpleasant and humiliating. It did feel fucking great though so I told him to keep licking my ass. Feeling his tongue making contact with my solid waste in my dirty asshole felt so amazing that I didn’t give a second thought about how nasty it must taste for the poor guy.

Eventually nature called and I decided to put his mouth to even more good use while it was back there. So I went to the toilet right in his mouth! I can’t begin to tell you how fucking amazing it felt taking a slow and satisfying shit right into his mouth without warning while the poor guy was licking my fine ass.

But what felt even better was watching him and smiling down on him as he really suffered chewing and swallowing my entire load of shit. As a woman it makes you feel like you are on top of the world watching your turd being chewed and swallowed. He did complain with a mouthful of my shit that it’s getting really hard to swallow. I just laughed and told him the bad taste is HIS problem and NOT mine lol

Once he was finally done and showing his empty mouth he did the right thing by getting his tongue back into my dirty asshole to lick it clean for me. It’s his way of saying thank you that he can be my shit eater.

If more men become shit eaters for women the world would truly be a better place.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Kamma LaVey (Lilith)

4 Amateur Shitting Clips SALE

The first shit gets pushed out slowly from my lily white ass right towards you and you see in full HD all the cracks and textures of it from my asshole and as it falls to the floor.

I wipe my ass a couple times to clean up and show you the shit on the tile floor close up. It's gorgeous and I pick it up the firm logs and smear the creamy finish around while admiring its size and the large number of corn pieces and other food bits throughout it.

The second clip was filmed before going away for work for a few weeks. Gotta clean out the fridge before I leave! I ate a little bit of everything these last couple days before this poop and it shows in the perfect creamy log I let you watch.

I talk you through the shit as I turn around and push it into a container. At the end I do a close up and you can see tomato skins and even some dark purple eggplant if you look closely!

Third clip is my only video shitting a thick turd into a glass jar. I lounge around seductively and naked on the tile floor and vocally enjoy lining up the glass jar perfectly to shit into for you.

Watch the shit stretch open my cute asshole and fall. I give you a good view of the jar of shit at the end too.

Last but not least was a truly incredible and interesting poop. I've never shit out anything that looked like this before!

I shit a thick heavy and dense log onto a paper plate and when looking at it it's got all these different coloured sections! Take a long look with me - do you think it was all the expensive fancy cheeses I ate?

Kamma LaVey (Lilith)