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Layla Lee

sub sandwich n' shit ;)

What������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½s on the menu?������¢���¯���¿���½������¦tuna melt sub for lunch and veggies with corn for dinner

I love digging through my poop and picking out all the food I can find~ come explore with me and watch me smell taste and chew all the nasty pieces I find hidden in my HUGE smelly pile of shit!

if you love painted nails or feet������¢���¯���¿���½������¦this one is especially for you! a fresh coat of nail polish and a little playtime with my feet the feeling of my shit squishing through my little toes turns me on so much every single time!!!



Chicken Dine and Dump Very Constipated

I am so hungry! I ordered some chicken and it smells amazing. Hmmm! It taste so good! Moist, cooked to perfection and spicy just how I like it. I love feeling that delicious food going down my throat, and down my belly.That piece of chicken is going to be digested and slowly turned into a warm, hard and long piece of shit.

I know you like watching me eat delicious foods. But what you love more than anything is seeing whats coming out of me. Im going to shit this chichen out in a few days for you, and I really want you to witness this. Im going to squat over that container, naked, and you are going to see the shit coming out of my tight pink asshole. I hope this chicken will be as good coming out as it was going in!

In the next scene I am standing in the living room totally nude, holding the chicken container and the leftover bones. I really have to take a shit! I will shit the chicken I ate 4 days ago right into the container it came in. I put container on the floor squat on top of it. I spread my asscheeks apart with my hands and start pushing. You can clearly see my opened asshole with some shit inside, but it feels like this chicken doesnt want to come out, it loves my insides too much! Finally, grunting and pushing really hard, Im able to squeeze the shit out of my asshole to let it fall onto the container and right onto the bones.

It feels so good! Now I have to catch my breath. I take the camera and zoom in on my poop. There are 3 differents pieces all around the chicken bones. Then I briefly show you my dirty asshole from a closer angle and say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed watching me take a shit for you!

Goddess Tempest

Kitchen Shit Eating From My Asshole

True Ass Eating Toilet Slaves will admit there is nothing quite as erotic as watching their superior female owner preparing wonderful smelling food in the kitchen as she then present her slave with her amazing gorgeous ass to worship. This is the truest form of Female Domination as the gorgeous women bends over her gas stove while he has to perform Ass Eating on her. Smelling and tasting her asshole as she squirm and moan in pure ecstasy and delight. But what can possibly be more erotic?

The fact that you can taste she needs a toilet as you probe your tongue deeper into her sweaty asshole. Only true Toilet Slaves can appreciate the exquisite taste of a woman’s waste in her asshole on their tongue and continue licking her ass deep so she can relax even more.

And as he feels her asshole open up against his tongue he keeps his mouth right there for her to shit into. Can you imagine the amazing experience? Smelling the aroma of cooking food in the oven while staring up at your dominant female owner’s ass crack as her beautiful body contract in pure relief and delight and that thick, creamy turd slowly slide into your mouth. All while hearing her soft grunts and moans of pleasure from taking such a massive shit in your mouth.

I love how he admits how appropriate it is that the nice food in the oven is for ME and that he must eat what comes out of me after I’m done with it.

My slave was suffering as he was chewing and swallowing my first very tick turd as my second turd was dangling out of my stretched open asshole. He was such a gentleman that he supported my second turd hanging out of my ass with his fingers while swallowing the first one. He desperately needed mercy as he asked me if he really has to eat the second one as well. It was fun telling him he of course has to eat everything. I could feel the movement in my asshole as he took my second dangling turd into his mouth and I pushed it out further.

The second one was a was a very big one and felt so amazing as it was slowly sliding out of me into his mouth. It was just way too much to all fit in there so he had to keep most of it in his hand and eat it from there.

But he wasn’t even halfway through with the second turd when he had to lick my ass and I emptied myself. The next turds were very creamy and soft and even though he managed to keep up well with directly swallowing his mouth eventually overflowed and you can see and hear a little of my mushy shit falling and plopping to the floor.

To be totally honest I didn’t expect him to be able to eat everything. It’s really been a long time since I was able to shit such a massive load.

It was so fucking awesome to see him consume my entire load since it was so huge. That kind of devotion really deserved a reward so I let him lick and tongue fuck my shit smeared asshole clean so he can experience the honor of tasting my shit longer and give me more pleasure.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


BIRTHDAY CAKE (PUKE) : I eat a shitty cupcake ! (EATING / FOOD / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

(I will introduce you to the ingredients briefly, then start working on my shitty cupcake recipe. In the meantime, I will lay my huge turd, which I will suck languidly, and which I will use to make a shit mask on my face and hair which will remain until the end of the video. Don't worry, there will be plenty left for our cupcakes!

The naughty that I am will not be able to help flouring my ass, face and spilling milk everywhere... For your greatest happiness.

The 4 large cupcakes are in the moulds, ready to be baked! I put them in the oven and during the cooking time I will play a little with my big ass. I cover it with shit to come and shove my big dildo in my ass, I even fist myself at one point!

I light the candles and I'm going to put them out by pissing on them! They will thus have a little taste of piss when I taste them. So I do a huge and very long pee that will allow me to successfully extinguish all my birthday candles!

I unmold them and then begin the tasting. I will eat 1 big shitty cupcake, and show you that inside, there is indeed good shit and by proving to you that I swallowed everything.

I puke powerfully right after the tasting, I spread my puke on my head, then while sitting on the ground (with a view of my whole body), I will puke again on my body (a mixture of cupcake, shit and pasta eaten a few hours before)

I get high to finish my ass and pussy in different positions. It was a wonderful birthday day!


READY FOR CHRISTMAS : I play with my huge double dildo ! (SCAT / URO / DOUBLE DILDO / DOUBLE P / ATM)

My tree is ready for Christmas, and after this huge dildoing session under the tree I'll be too!

I tickle my anus and I start by making a huge turd by sucking my huge double purple dildo. I will come directly to put it in the mouth, on all fours, at the foot of the tree. I suck my shit languidly, I get my mouth full…

I continue by spreading a maximum of shit on my face, breasts, and I completely cover my hair with shit to make me a bun...

I lie down, legs in the air, still at the bedside of my tree, and cover myself in shit from head to toe. I will then play with my big double dildo, I first put it in my excited pussy, sucking the other end of the double dildo!

I piss with the dildo in my pussy, it's my first time, I loved it !

I penetrate my pussy well, then I move on to my big slutty ass, I will file it long enough for it to be wide open... I will go back to my pussy, then I will play with the double dildo in MY 2 HOLES IN SAME TIME for TWICE THE PLEASURE…!

I play again with my pussy, then my ass, before changing position and offering you a nice view of my ass from the front, which I will continue to smash with my huge double dildo. I will continue to put it IN MY 2 HOLES at the same time! It is magic !

I change position, smash my anus again ardently… I get off! I end up lying on the ground, legs wide apart, dildoing my pussy, then my pussy and ass AT THE SAME TIME…

I end up chewing a big piece of shit, then sucking my double dildo with as much shit in my mouth as possible…!


Disgusting Shit Eating Maid

I love when Master asks me to dress as his maid and come clean his room. Because I know what he *really* wants is for me to be a disgusting, filthy little shit slave. It's my favorite game!!

Eating shit is one of the true pleasures of my life. When I put it in my mouth, it melts like a fine chocolate. It is so soft and squishy when I move it around with my tongue and when I chew on it. My natural juices fill my mouth and *OMG* it makes me so horny.

I am often asked what my shit tastes like. And the answer it depends on what I ate the day before. If I have eaten something savory, the shit can taste very strong. It fills my mouth and nose with such a strong scent. If I've had something to drink, like a cocktail, it can be a little sour but it's still very yummy. If I've been a good girl and had some candy my shit tastes sweet and that's my favorite! Sometimes it gets stuck between my teeth and I get to enjoy the flavor for longer. Yum!

After I'm done fucking and stretching my ass and eating my delicious shit and smearing it all over my delicate body there are only 2 things that could make it any better. The first is to pull that shitty-chocolate mixture out of my stomach by puking and letting it explode from my face. And what a brilliant idea and l use my shit-vomit like shampoo! And no show is complete without me rolling around in my poo, piss and puke. We definitely need a maid to help clean up this biohazard mess that I have made!

But, before I leave, can you please do me one favor? Come fill my mouth with your delicious cum. Give me all of your Master-milk. Drain your balls into my filthy, shitty mouth and let me enjoy that amazing treat. Thank you, Master!.


HARD CHRISTMAS (PUKE) : I ate a shitty Christmas log ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / DOUBLE P / SCAT / PISS / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

It's almost Christmas ! I want to play the slut to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, and it's not to displease you, is it?

At the foot of the Christmas tree and the gifts, I first put my double dildo in my buttocks full of shit, I take it out and my shit starts to come out, I reinsert the dildo in my buttocks but it's too late, l expulsion of my huge turd has begun! I quickly pull the dildo out and lay my shit freeing my ass.

I will then continue to play with my big and long double dildo in my anus, then, the latter being well covered with shit, I will insert it in my hairy pussy, before returning to my ass...

Then I'm going to drink a big glass of pink strawberry juice (to make my puke pink!), then I'm going to cut myself a nice piece of log that I'm going to cover GENEROUSLY with shit. 🍫 I eat everything, then I get degobilled with my dildo that I push deep in my throat. My puke is brown at first as I puke shit, then gets more and more bright pink.

I continue by spreading my shit on my face, my breasts, my hair, my santa hat, then I get degobber again in my cleavage… It is very very hot…!

I pour my puke all over my face, head, then I'll start to take care of my fat ass mother claus slut… I start to masturbate my hairy pussy a little with my my shit, then I spread it all over my legs and ass, before fucking my ass and pussy with my double dildo… I'm pissing at this point (and at another point in the video)

You will be entitled to a short scene where I spread caviar on my feet to make you lick them…

In different positions, I will alternate between my ass, my pussy, and both at the same time with double penetration! I finish by fisting my ass…

I get closer to the camera to languidly suck my double dildo, and tell you see you next year!


CHRISTMAS BLACKMAIL (PUKE) : I make you eat my shit for Christmas ! (EATING / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

It's Christmas. I put a gift at the foot of your tree, but you hear me and get up. So I ask you if you were very good this year to give yourself your gift, knowing that no, you were not, and that you will have to repent to get it. I then blackmail you: you will have to do the dirtiest things for me and fuck me to get it.

I start by for cing you to watch me shit at the foot of your tree. My turd is really huge today, with the christmas preparations I hadn't made for 4 days! It already seems to excite you…

Then I'll make you suck my shit just for me… You'll have to take it in your hand and suck it languidly like the big cock sucker that you are… I'll make you lick your fingers after that. It's not over, because then you have to take a big piece of shit, chew it, melt it in your mouth, and then swallow it! You will have a hard time, but you will get there. You will prove to me by opening your mouth that you swallowed well. You would then gobble up everything (pushed up very brown), the shit as well as pieces of your meal!

Then I'll make you smear shit all over you... All over your body, face, and hair... You now really embody the shit you've been all year!

Now you can fuck mother claus (fuck machine). Screw me, stuff my ass as hard as you can. I'll even piss while you fuck me.

You have caught up, and you will be able to have your gift. I offer it to you, then I spread my mixture of shit and brown puke on my head before wishing you a merry christmas !


SADISTIC DOCTOR (PUKE): Doctor Ninounini makes you eat her shit and take a very dirty bath! (EATING / SCAT / URO / DIRTY BATH / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

Doctor Ninounini has replaced your former nurse to take care of you... And it's bath time for you! You're going to have to obey him if you don't want to have your second leg broken !

Dressed in a super sexy red and white outfit, open on her chest, she will seduce you while being very sadistic and merciless with you...

You will first have to undress and suffer the mockery of Doctor Ninounini on your penis!

Then, you will have to watch her lay her huge shit that she has been holding for 4 days. Then you'll lie down in the tub to suck his huge turd...

Suck it well, and masturbate your little clit at the same time. Put some shit on your slutty nipples!

Then, Doctor Ninounini will order you to spread it on your body, face and hair...

Fuck your ass while she fucks her ass too! She will get into different positions and she will pee at that time.

Doctor Ninounini is going to give you a very brown bath. You will go into the water, spread some more shit in your face, then you will chew a piece of shit that you will have to swallow! You'll swallow it, then you'll get pummeled several times...

Then you will brush your teeth with shit, then you will soap yourself with shit too.

Doctor Ninounini will still file the pussy in the water before being degobbled again...

You will immerse yourself completely in the water, put your head under water many times to clean yourself!


TOILET WHORE (PUKE) : I'm becoming a real toilet whore ! (PUKE / EATING / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

In this video, I will degrade myself to the highest point, lose all my dignity, for your greatest pleasure. If you still had the image of me as a wise young girl, you will no longer have it after the viewing.

Wearing fishnet tights, and a fishnet stocking over my face with just an opening for my slutty mouth, I lick the toilet bowl, before pissing on my toothbrush to brush my teeth with it.

Then, dildo placed on my toilet, I'm going to impale it in my pussy (my ass shakes a lot, like a twerk) offering you 2 different points of view.

Astride my toilet, I will make a huge turd that I will then lick and suck like a little dog.

I then go to fuck my ass full of caviar with the dildo on the toilet (still shaking my ass like a twerk).

I will continue by spreading shit on the toilet bowl to come and lick it all languidly and spread it on my face. I will also dunk my hair in the toilet, then clog it entirely to fill it with water and put my head in it. The water turns brown.

Then I'm gonna suck my shit, put a big chunk of it in my mouth, chew it, and swallow a big chunk of it. I get directly disgorged many times, to put my head back in the toilet water several times, dirty with puke and shit.

I'm also going to think about brushing my teeth with my shit, like the little female dog that I am. Without forgetting to re-dog, release the bowl, and put my head back in the dirty water.

Then I spread shit on my ass, head towards the toilet, and I cover my face with shit generously (up to my eyes), then I come and fuck my anus by regularly putting my head in the toilet water always dirty as if to drown me.

Finally, with a very disgusting face, I come to suck my big dirty dildo to conclude in style this video which will have made me the biggest toilet whore in history.


EATING HOTDOG : I'm eating a shitty hot dog ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SAUSAGES / SCAT / PISS / ATM)

I have a very naughty desire; that of shoving big sausages up my ass, then making a shitty hotdog and eating it! Yum !

I have several types of sausage: medium, and a HUGE.

I'll start by spraying my ass with mustard and ketchup, then I'll play with a sausage in my anus all excited. I will also lick sausage with shit coming out of my ass.

I'm going to put a sausage in my ass to reveal it like an explosion, and I'll even do it with 2 sausages in my anus twice in the video!

Tickling my anus with these sausages makes me extremely want to shit. So I'm going to make a big turd and piss at the same time, to then play again directly with the sausages, then come and cross my mouth with it and suck 2 of them directly at the same time in my mouth (with shit).

I'm then going to suck my turd, before spreading it all over my face and hair and playing again with the sausages in my mouth!

I spray my ass again with mustard and ketchup to continue to smash my ass with sausages.

I lie on my back, my ass in front of you, and generously spread shit on it, before playing with sausages. This time I shove the HUGE sausage further up my ass and prolapse slightly.

I then change position, and I play again with a normal sausage, but also again with the HUGE sausage that explodes my ass!

The shit on my face has dried nice and dry, I stretch my face tight from the shit dryness, before preparing my hotdog with: hotdog bun, mustard, ketchup and of course, a good poop-coated sausage. I eat several big bites and show you that I swallowed everything!

Some farts in this video!


BANANA SPLIT (PUKE) : I eat a piss and shit banana split and eat my puke ! (EATING / FOOD & FOOT FETISH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

Today, I'm going to concoct 2 different split bananas; 1 banana split with piss and 1 banana split caviar version!

First I'm going to suck my bananas, before making you lick my dirty feet (full of dust). I will then cover them with whipped cream and ask you to lick them again!

Then I insert the banana in my pussy, then I piss on it for a long time, before eating several good tasty bites.

I make you imagine yourself in place of my banana doing a footjob with whipped cream.

I will then open a banana and get puked on me and in my cleavage many times… I then put puke on my face and then I eat some puke…

Then I go a little whipped cream on my ass and insert a banana inside, before releasing a big creamy turd, to then put a banana back in my butt and make it brown.

I then spread caviar on my face, body and hair, then I put whipped cream in my mouth and then I spread it on my hair full of caviar.

I then cover the banana with poop, then I taste several big bites offering you views of my mouth full of poop banana

I smear my dildo with caviar, then insert it deep in my throat to get my cleavage poking again. I then make myself degobiller directly in my hand to come directly to eat my puke. I then run a good layer of puke on my hair before moving on to my big ass.

I spread caviar on my ass, my legs, then I fill my ass with bananas before sticking my dildo in it. I end up popping a banana mush. I then put some whipped cream on my ass and I come to smash my ass for a long time. I will pee again then.

I then change position and insert the banana in my ass, before moving into a new position to go back and forth on my dildo. The dildo in the ass, and to finish, I'll get my body fucked because you love it...

Kitty Skatt

Struggle to push out a 3-day constipated log, two-part release

After the previous failed attempt, I went back to clogging myself up and holding for 3 days with great discomfort, cramping and also arousal. I love the feeling of a big hard log pushing against my rectum, it is sooo unbelievably pleasurable! After holding it for so long I was so happy that the time of release was at hand. I start talking dirty to you, expressing how it is for me and how I am aroused by how you get off on seeing me struggle. I place myself in an uncomfortable birthing position for your greatest view and pleasure. I start straining, pushing, breathing, moaning and groaning. You see the sexy struggle in my face. Then finally the massive hard log starts to come out. Whew what a relief! But I feel more thick hard poo is stuck in my colon. I try to get it out but I'm completely clogged. Half-relieved, half-frustrated I give up for now. On hands and feet I show you my hot fat poopy ass. Then I treat you to a close up admiration of the thick hard turd on the floor.

Cut to a short while after, when I felt the rest of the hard constipated shit moving. I place myself in the same position and push it out right onto the floor. Yumm it feels so good, now I really feel relieved! I am visibly happy and relaxed now. I show you the shit up close and I dirty my finger by moving the shit to the side. I admire the consistency with you, a dry hard clumped stone on one side and softer smoother shit on the other side. Wow what a journey that was!


BURGER & DRINK (PUKE): I'll make you eat a shitty burger with a glass of piss and drink your puke ! (EATING / SCAT / URO / FOOD FETISH / ANAL / DOUBLE P / ATM / CEI / SPH)

I rebel against you, tired of being your slave, your maid, your maid. You are hungry ? Yes my love, I'm going to cook you, but it will be a shitty burger and a glass of my piss to make you pay for these experiences with you, or rather for you.😈

(Everything I'll ask you to do on video (eating, spreading shit, anal etc, I do it myself in the video!)

First, I'll make you a glass of piss, which you have to drin k with your delicious burger 💩🍾

Then I'm going to make a huge turd in the burger bun, I'll put a small lettuce leaf and 2 slices of tomatoes in it to give the impression of a real burger. 🍫🍔

You will drin k this drin k until the end, then I will prepare your burger with a thick layer of shit. 💩🍔

You're gonna eat (I do it on video) several big mouthfuls of this burger, until it's too hard to go on and you puke. You will puke many times, eat a little puke, before you start playing with my shit.

I want you to become a giant turd, like the husband you once were. Cover yourself with shit entirely, cover your nipples, your legs, your belly, your face, your hair with shit (I'll twerk a bit at that time)

Then I want you to fuck your ass. You will dislocate your anus with a big dildo in many positions, your body completely covered in shit.

Finally, I'll give you a count from 5 to 0 to make you cum, and you'll have to eat your cum as dessert (I'll take my double dildo to penetrate my 2 holes at the same time at that time).


VALENTINE'S DAY (PUKE): we celebrate Valentine's Day with games of pain, piss, scat and puke ! (SM / EATING / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM / FISTING)

Happy Valentines Day, my love ! We are going to celebrate it with our favorite games; the pain, the caviar, the piss, and the puke…

I'm going to start by demolishing what serves as your cock and balls. I'm going to whip your cock and your balls, and slap them with my hands... The worst part is that it makes you hard like a dog!

Now it's your turn to hurt me, slap my breasts and whip them with the whip until they turn red. Don't forget to do the same with my ass!

We will then make a caviar at the same time, then I invite you then to come and lick our caviar together, let's suck it as if it were a good cock...

We are now going to cover ourselves with caviar, hair, face and breasts.

We are now going to chew some shit languidly, then kiss our mouths full of caviar, it's so romantic…

Then let's eat our shit before getting puked many times, ending by puking in a bowl to come and eat our puke...

Then I cover the rest of the body, do it at the same time as me. I then spread myself a bit of puke before fucking our asses together.

In doggy style, I shove a big dildo in my ass while you do it too. I stop to come piss myself, before resuming anal doggy style.

Lying on the ground, I continue to destroy my anus which takes a lot of pleasure. I then impale myself on my dildo, legs apart facing the camera.

In a last position I'm going to fuck my ass again, then I'll end with a count of 5 to 0 to make you cum, while fisting your anus (I fist mine in the video)!

Pastel Goddess

Valentine's Date Becomes a Toilet Cuck

In this extra gassy Valentine's Day special, I get a surprise visit from a guy who thinks he is my boyfriend! I locked him in chastity a month ago, and have been using him as my errand bitch and house maid ever since. He gets so little attention from women, that I guess this felt like a real relationship to him! What a joke! To make things worse, he brought me cheap chocolates instead of something a Goddess deserves like jewelry. He was hoping to take me out to dinner, but I have other plans. I tell him to strip and clean my asshole before I go on a date with a real man. He is taken aback by this request but the spineless nerd drops to his knees and obeys me without hesitation. I ask him how he likes having his tongue in my asshole. He is confused by the idea but it doesn't take much before I degrade him enough to understand his place. I am also very gassy, so I keep farting on his nose and tongue nonstop while it flicks away at my stinky hole. I would never fart in front of my real boyfriend, that would be so embarrassing. But for a slave it is just part of the job.

I sit in 3 different positions for the slave to lick my asshole and the farts just keep coming. I tell him that my boyfriend has a new opening at his company for a janitor, and that he would be a great fit! He can clean toilets used by men all day then hand over his paychecks to me. He tries to ask for 30% of the pay, but I refuse. He keeps licking until the thought of enslaving him turn me on so much, I need him to lick my pussy.

Since he is a virgin, he is not good at licking, so I keep farting in his face and whipping him while he learns how to flick my clit. He is kept in a great deal of pain and fully denied while being severely humiliated and mentally broken down. I tease him with my milky tits and talk about how he will have to clean cum out of my pussy every day. When I'm close to orgasm, I push the slave to the ground and grind my pussy into his face and keep farting, shaking my ass and spreading it wide wide until I cum all over the slave boy's mouth. Now for the big surprise! He gave me some chocolates, so now I'm going to give him some chocolates in return!

He begs me not to, but I have to return the favor! I squat and spread my cheeks wide while he tries to say anything to convince me to stop, but the shit comes out anyway! A thick pile form in his mouth and overflows onto the floor as he chews. I spread my cheeks so he knows just where his gift came from, then proceed to smear it all over his little beta body, drawing in cute little hearts and writing "Happy V-Day" across his chest. The stupid cuck is in tears and apologizing profusely by this point, meanwhile I just laugh and tell him that I'm going to show my boyfriend what I do to you and how no one will ever think of him as a man ever again!