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Goddess Tempest

Extreme Toilet Slave Farts

Extreme Toilet Slave Farts is a truly nasty Farting and Ass Eating video on a whole new level. If you are a Toilet Slavery fan of women Farting into the mouths of men while they lick their ass and therefor objectifying them by farting in their mouths like they will fart on a regular toilet then this video is NOT to be missed.

My farts not only smelled like rotting eggs but it was also wet, loud and nasty because he had to lick my unwashed asshole. I don’t wipe after doing a Number Two so it was quite a nasty task for my poor toilet slave. But even worse, I kept farting against his tongue right into his mouth while he was licking my ass. Fuck it felt GOOD.

And then suddenly it happened. A bit of a really nasty accident. My stomach was making cramps of a different kind and while farting in my toilet slave’s mouth he got a mouthful of something a lot worse out of my asshole than just my farts. As I went to the bathroom in his mouth I grabbed his head and told him to keep licking and cleaning my asshole with his mouth. I couldn’t be bothered going to the bathroom so I just kept going to the toilet right in his mouth. To ensure the nasty mess didn’t end up on the floor and ALL of it went into his mouth and down his throat I grabbed him by the back of the next to ensure his mouth remained tightly sealed over my asshole as I did my business in his Toilet Slave mouth. His intense discomfort is something you surely do NOT want to miss in what is the nastiest Farting and Ass Eating video showing you the erotic art of mild combined direct feed Toilet Slavery

DISCLOSURE: This video is intended for extreme Farting fans but also caters for the toilet slavery fans who enjoy some very mild toilet slavery. Since this video is aimed more directly at extreme farting fans you can therefor not see visible shit as I did a direct feed into my slave’s mouth. I got a lot of requests for more mild toilet slavery action combined with extreme farting xoxo

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo



I recorded every shit I took for three days (May 13, May 14, and May 15, 2022) for your viewing pleasure. <3 If you love spying on pretty girls in the bathroom and seeing them struggle to shit, then you do not want to miss this compilation!

Day 1, Friday May 13th: I have been working on housework and editing videos all day today, hence the gorgeous outfit of sweats and T-shirt. I am not seeing anyone today except you perverts, and you have definitely seen me much dirtier than this before lol

I lean back and try to give you a beautiful view of my pee flowing out. Only a little bit got on the floor as I miscalculated my initial aim! Watch my face as I strain and push out the shit. My usually tight asshole prolapses as I struggle to push out the hard turds. I have been a tiny bit constipated these last few days, and so you get to enjoy the resulting struggle. The load is not as large as I expected, but being a bit constipated will do that. It is still a good load of digested vegetarian food.


Day 2: Saturday May 14th

This is a bigger one than the first day! And I had to leave the apartment, so I look a little bit cuter than the previous day. Once again, I lean back and let you enjoy the view.

Do you like watching my piss gush out? Which do you like watching more-- my face as I strain and push out the shit, or my asshole as it strains to push out the giant turds? My usually tight asshole stretches open wide and prolapses to get everything out.

These ones are floaters! I ate a lot of fatty food on Friday night, so that makes sense (ice cream, yummm). I am usually a pretty healthy eater but even us athletic vegetarians have our guilty pleasures! And you get to enjoy seeing my giant turds float because of it. :)


Day 3: Sunday, May 15

I was about to hop in the shower after a workout when the urge hit. I must have finished digesting everything from Saturday and moved it along as I got my sweat on.

Leaning back on the seat, I spread my legs wide apart so you can enjoy the view of my totally naked body on the toilet. See the urine flow from between my legs and my asshole stretching and straining to accommodate the turds that are trying to escape. I grunt and moan as my asshole prolapses to release all that is inside my rectum.

It smells SO BAD!

I wipe and show you the results before flushing it all away.