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Stroke for my Dirty Asshole

(Custom Video) You just got out of bed in the morning and are in the bathroom taking a shit. You think you are alone, so you leave the door slightly open. You are about to finish, but you hear a noise and see me. You get scared and ask me what I’m doing there. You tell me to not move so you can figure out what you want to do about it. You wipe once, show me what’s on the toilet paper and ask me if that’s what I want to see and what I want to smell. You notice that my dick is getting harder. You flush without wiping the rest, and tell me to follow you into a room so you can show me your dirty asshole.

In the next scene, you ask me to take my dick out. You are surprised by my dick size, you were not expecting me to have a nice cock. You tell me “I’ll give you a show if you give me one! Now stroke for me!” Start fingering your asshole and playing with it. Smell it, and talk dirty about it. Tell me “You wish you could get a whiff, but you won’t! I haven’t even showered today, and my ass got all the juices from the previous night!”

After a few minutes, pull your tits out. Continue playing with your ass and smelling your finger. Put your finger on your nipples, play with them and tell me that they probably smell great too. Ask me if I want to lick my nipples – I do, but not happening.

You want me to cum now, so you FINALLY ask me to smell your grimy asshole and put it up close in my face. Finally, you go back to playing with your ass, do some dirty talk and I cum hard.

You call me a dirty pervert, and ask me to get the F out and that you better not catch me doing this again!